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10 Best Product Demo Video Examples

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To most people, videos are more captivating than texts. In fact, 81% of marketers gave credit to video marketing for increasing sales, whereas 86% claimed it generated successful leads. And most of these video marketing efforts are concentrated on demonstrating the products’ features and functions. Product demo videos are now one of the best ways to gain your target market’s trust and the interest of new investors.

Nowadays, almost every company is trying to push their product demo videos on different platforms. Hence, it is becoming increasingly difficult to grab the audience’s attention and engage them with these videos. That being said, there are some brilliant product demo videos that have mesmerized the viewers and have become truly memorable. 

If you want your product demo video to have the same impact on your target audience, you need to learn from the best. And that’s why, in this article, we will show you some of the best examples of product demo videos that you can take inspiration from. But before that, let’s review our concept of product demo videos.

What is a Product Demo Video?

Just as the name suggests, a product demo video presents your product, its features, how it works, and how it offers you value. Through these videos, you create the first impression of your product on your customers. However, they are also perfect for pitching your ideas to investors. Therefore, producing a carefully planned and creatively executed product demo video that covers all the major basis of your offering is crucial.

10 Best Product Demo Video Examples

A good product demo video contains just enough information, successfully highlights essential features and benefits, engages and retains the attention of the audience, and leaves a long-term impression in their minds. Very few product demo videos did it successfully, but when they did, the ROI was unbelievably high. Below, we have listed some of the best ones we could find.

The New MacBook Air

This product demo video showcasing the new generation of MacBook Air is one of the finest examples of including out-of-the-box creativity in execution. As you can notice, since it’s a light and thin MacBook “Air,” every element in the video is floating while introducing you to the features and showing the character’s interactions with the device. It is short, precise, and engaging, which means very few viewers would leave before the end. This fascinating video has a whopping 40M+ views and 71K+ likes.

Introducing Apple Watch Series 8

We got to admit that Apple is a master of creating highly engrossing product demo videos. Therefore, we have another entry from Apple, but this time the product is the new Apple Watch Series 8. 

The video puts the product in different contexts with different characters and demonstrates how it offers value in every situation. Simultaneously, it shows technical information but does not overdo it. The result is, again, a short, appealing, simple, and precise presentation of the product’s most prominent functions and use cases. Within just ten days of being published, the video bagged over 3.3M views and 39K+ likes.

Galaxy Z Flip4: Pre-Order Film

This product demo video of the Galaxy Z Flip4 smartphone introduces viewers to the concept of how a foldable smartphone’s screen works for the users. As it is a fairly new concept, Samsung produced a short and simple product demo video where it only highlighted the basic functions, especially how the camera will work in different contexts. 

No character was involved in presenting the functions; instead, the video virtually made the viewer the user. It demonstrates everything from the viewer’s point of view, making it more interactive. As the video is only 35 seconds long, fast, effective, and, most importantly, fun, it has made it to our list. It has got 21M+ views and 5.5K+ likes in one month of being published.

First Look at Nintendo Switch

This product demo video is a bit longer than most other videos on this list, but it is equally fun to watch, if not more! The video precisely shows what the product is intended for, including almost every possible scenario where you may want to play on the Nintendo Switch. 

Multiple characters are involved as well, showing how to use the product alone, with other people, at home, or outside. The videography and transitions between each sequence are also interesting, which makes the video very engaging. The video became such a hit that it garnered 49M+ views and 789K+ likes, the highest on our list!

Meet the Echo Dot (3rd Gen)

The demo video for Amazon’s Echo Dot (3rd Gen) is a minimalistic one which only highlights some of the product’s primary functions and use cases. The main focus of the video is the product itself, and voice-overs were used to explain what it can do and some additional features that might come in handy. 

Consequently, the demo turned out to be very easy to understand, and it successfully passed the message that the product was easy to use by almost everyone. We were spellbound by its simple yet smart presentation. And that is probably why the video currently has 201K+ views and 1.1K+ likes.

You’ve Probably Heard of Slack

This product demo video demonstrates Slack, a massaging app developed for businesses and workplaces. The video is almost 2 minutes long and demonstrates the uses of the app, and it sticks to one character – Brianna. 

Brianna takes us through a typical day at work and how she incorporates Slack into her daily activities. The video is very well-made and colorful but not too obnoxious. Therefore, you get a cheerful vibe, as well as appreciate the smooth flow of presenting the information. As of September 2022, the video has more than 199K views.

A Modular Masterpiece: Product Demo | HP Elite Slice

This video demonstrates the HP Elite Slice, a desktop PC made for business professionals. Unlike other videos on this list, this product demo video is made with Avant-garde 3D animations and motion graphics. 

The video focuses solely on the product’s technical specifications and some of its core features. There is no character or voice-over involved, so you get fully immersed in the incredible effects of the video. All-in-all, it is a unique yet perfect example of how product demo videos are evolving. The video has a total of 197K+ views and 760+ likes.

Nespresso CITIZ&MILK machine

This one is a classic example of a classic product demo video. The video simply shows the product, the Nespresso CITIZ&MILK machine, and a character using it to make coffee. No technical information is given, and no voice-over is used to explain anything. 

The process of using the machine is demonstrated step-by-step so that potential users do not get confused. We especially liked how beautifully it showed the mixing of the liquids in the glass. Gaining over 700K views and 1.6K likes, the demo video was undoubtedly a hit. 

THE ORIGINS OF NIKE FREE – behind the design

This product demo video from Nike is a bit different than the others on this list. It demonstrates a pair of shoes, the Nike Free, but it does not show how the product works as we all know how to use a pair of shoes. Instead, the 2-minute and 33-second long video explains the science behind the shoes, how the designers worked, and how the product offers value to runners. 

We must admit, this one is an exciting take on product demo videos. As Nike appears more transparent as the video communicates the design process, it becomes more credible to potential customers. Consequently, it has over 56K+ views and 440+ likes.

GoPro: Introducing HERO10 Black — Speed with Ease

When you start watching this product demo video, you will immediately realize the brand dedicated a hefty budget for producing it. The video demonstrates the GoPro HERO10 with a very energetic and spirited vibe. 

It features how the camera is used in different contexts, such as during snowboarding, windsurfing, traveling, racing, snorkeling, cycling, vlogging, streaming, surfing, flying, and the like. At the same time, it keeps providing information about the expected photo and video quality, stabilization, cloud service, available accessories, and so on. A fantastic blend of videography, 3D animations, and motion graphics will keep you glued to the screen for the whole duration of the video. Currently, it has over 1.3M views and 32K likes.

Does Your Brand Need a Product Demo Video?

Product demo videos are not just a trend to follow; they build a transparent connection between a brand and its target market. As you have realized by now, well-established brands rely heavily on product demo videos as a marketing strategy as they are excellent for hyping up the product and driving revenues. After watching such inspirational videos, you may wonder if your brand can capitalize on such demo videos. Therefore, we recommend you read all about the benefits of product demo videos for brands and determine if this video marketing strategy resonates with your brand and target market.