Best Corporate Animation Video Examples

Best Corporate Animation Video Examples

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Recently, all the buzz about video marketing and its endless possibilities has been probing marketers to think out of the box. The scope of video marketing is expanding beyond just advertising. Now, corporate videos are also considered a powerful element of marketing. And with the latest technology in media production, such as animations, corporate videos are becoming more exciting, engaging, and entertaining every day.

Publishing a good corporate video increases your brand’s chance of being on Google’s front page by 53 times. Thus, it is important to produce corporate videos that fully capture your organization’s mission, culture, and values while also being engaging enough to deliver the intended message to the viewers successfully. And to achieve this, successful global brands are now moving to corporate animation videos as they allow you to bring your thoughts to life, no matter how abstract it is.

But what does an excellent corporate animation video look like? In this article, we will show you the best examples of some of the most captivating corporate videos in existence and inspire you along the way. But first, let’s see what elements make up a great corporate animation video. 

What Does a Great Corporate Animation Video Contain?

To create a great corporate animation video, you must understand the necessary elements a corporate video should contain, as well as the components that make animated content highly engaging. When you combine them, you need to make sure the elements are perfectly blended together, in synergy, and complement each other.

A corporate video should focus on your brand’s core message, services, mission, culture, and values, introducing the employees, attracting investors, training, or even announcing new projects or directions. It also needs to reflect your brand personality in a cinematic form. Such brand personality traits may include upbeat, formal, traditional, tech-focused, relaxed, and so on. The most important elements to include in a good corporate video are a purpose, a clear message, emotional appeal, powerful visual elements, and demonstrations of sincerity.

Now, when it comes to animation, it is ideal to keep it fun and short – probably around 45 to 180 seconds. Making short animations with stunning visual elements results in a high engagement rate. A good animation video also requires a good story. Therefore, present your corporate video’s message through a captivating storytelling process and allow the animators to make it mesmerizing for your target audience.

10 Best Corporate Animation Video Examples

Now, let’s move to the fun part. In this list, we have listed ten of the most impressive corporate animation videos you can find. Each of them is remarkably produced and will keep you glued to the screen until the end. Without further ado, let’s get you inspired. 

1. Why Does Starbucks Blend Coffee? 

  • Views: 45K+

This video is a simple and minimalistic yet mind-blowing example of corporate animation videos. Here, Starbucks highlights its purpose with a simple message – why the company works with coffee. In a short 49 seconds, the video explained Starbucks’ brewing mastery, how they got inspired to do it, and the love they have for coffee. 

Through a contemporary 2D animation style, the story was presented in a way that will make you believe in the message. Moreover, the almost fluid-like transitions, beautiful music, and soothing voice-over enable the viewers to simply relax and go with the flow. The video features coffee so artistically that you will want to grab one a few minutes after watching this video.

2. Apple: Every Product Carbon Neutral by 2030

  • Views: 2M+
  • Likes: 119K+

“Apple has a plan” is one of the best examples of how to use animation and motion graphics to highlight an important message. The video features Apple’s efforts and plans on becoming the frontrunner in our advancement toward carbon neutrality, which is one of the most powerful and inspiring messages a company can share with its stakeholders. 

Every single line in the video is creatively presented with dynamic and vivid motion graphics. With all the quick transitions, minimalistic design, vibrant elements, and fast-changing backgrounds, we did not realize how a whole minute and 15 seconds passed us by. This corporate animation video is also one of the most engaging video marketing content we have ever encountered. 

3. Airbnb Introduces the Bélo: The Story of a Symbol of Belonging | Airbnb 

  • Views: 1.3M+
  • Likes: 2.6K+

This animated corporate video by Airbnb features its new logo, Bélo. It explains what the company strives to achieve and how to best symbolize it with a simple logo. Just like Apple’s example, Airbnb includes motion graphics, but in a completely different manner. While it highlighted the “world travel” aspects through elements like world maps, paper planes, skylines, and postcards, it also featured the simplicity of the Bélo by keeping the 2D animation style minimalistic. Moreover, we observed ample use of vibrant but not distracting color pallets. The transition is fluid, keeping you engaged in the video for the whole 1 minute 44 seconds. 

4. SPOTIFY Promo for US Launch 

  • Views: 110K+
  • Likes: 400+

This corporate animation video by Spotify was made to introduce the company before launching it in the US. With minimalist animated elements, plain background, and energetic motion graphics, the video clearly explained what Spotify is built to do. However, the most interesting element to us was the musical characters. They were drawn with very basic 2D lines, but with outstanding animations and powerful music, they quickly became the star of the video, just like how Spotify features every musician. All in all, we find this corporate animation video as a terrific representation of how to create a ripple with a brilliantly made launch announcement.

5. McDonald’s: Connecting to My Future

  • Views: 881K+
  • Likes: 26K+

Among all the videos on this list, McDonald’s corporate animation video included one of the rarest animation styles in traditional video marketing – anime. Through this video, McDonald’s attempted to attract and recruit employees to fill part-time roles. The 1 minute 18 seconds video is one of the most amazing examples of how a narrative and its presentation can be powerful enough to trigger viewers’ emotions.

With traditional anime style, the story features a girl, Violet. Throughout the video, we get to see how Violet started working at McDonald’s, grew from a newbie to a leader through different events, and her respect and love for her mentor. With the animation style and narrative, the company successfully attracted the target audience, young college students looking for part-time opportunities. The story also featured career advancement opportunities at McDonald’s. To us, it was like watching a short film, which we could rewatch several times because of how moving it was. 

6. Nestlé USA: Building a More Sustainable Future

  • Views: 2.5K+
  • Likes: 15+

We are delighted to see how large corporations are moving towards building a sustainable future and sharing their achievements and plans with us in such a wholesome manner. This corporate animation video by Nestlé USA features its efforts and long-term goals to become more environmentally friendly. With some visually pleasant illustrations and appealing effects, the message is communicated in the most effective manner. If you are concerned about the planet’s health, you will thoroughly enjoy this whole 58-second video. 

7. AT&T Presents 911 Milestones 

  • Views: 3.3K+
  • Likes: 16

Although this corporate animation video has not been very well-known among the masses, it is one of the most exquisitely made videos on the internet. The video is a bit longer than the norm, but it is able to engage viewers who have an interest in understanding corporate growth. The video features a timeline that highlights the milestones AT&T achieved in its 51 years of operation.

The video’s minimalistic animation involves some motion graphics, where the only elements are a continuously flowing line constantly forming different shapes, some plain white illustrations, and texts. The presentation looks very clean and streamlined involving only two colors – blue and white. By using the blue shade from AT&T’s logo as the background, the video features its corporate identity constantly. While we have been exploring many fun examples of corporate animation videos, this one caught our eyes because of its unique take on the history of a company.

8. Philips CityTouch: Open Systems for Future-Proof Smart Cities 

  • Views: 5.6K+

This corporate animation video was produced to introduce CityTouch, a project developed by Philips in 2016. As CityTouch, an open learning management system is an innovative and complicated system to understand and involves city-wide applications, the corporate animation video is a bit longer than the usual ones. However, by using simple language and a creative 2D animation style, the system is explained as a piece of cake for the mass. Moreover, with visually aesthetic color pallets, beautifully drawn elements, and interesting effects and transitions, the video engages and retains your attention from the beginning to the end. 

9. Omega Pharma: Omega Pharma corporate video

  • Views: 10K+
  • Likes: 32

Being 2 minutes and 53 seconds long, this is the longest corporate animation video on our list. But the length is justified by the amount of information the video portrays. It features the company’s mission, service, history, financial data, brands, achievements, global presence, CSR activities, and culture – all within the almost 3-minute timeframe. And to present all these in just a few minutes, there could not be anything better than animations.

With upbeat music, a spirited voice-over, and minimalistic 2D animations, the video will keep you glued to the screen the whole time. It also has generous use of motion graphics to present data in a fun and memorable way. Moreover, the choice of colors here successfully captures the impression of the pharmaceutical industry. If you want to learn how to create an engaging video in an appealing “infographic style,” you should definitely take notes from this one.

10. Herman Miller: 108 Years of Herman Miller

  • Views: 115K+
  • Likes: 850+

Just like the previous example, this corporate animation video from Herman Miller features the story of the whole company. It highlights all the important historical events, achievements, personnel, products, processes, and the like the company experienced over the years. The clip is 121 seconds long. However, without the intro, the video is 108 seconds long, demonstrating 108 years of Herman Miler’s history. 

While watching the video, you cannot help but feel connected to the company’s story, thanks to the unique animation styles. The line and flat animation styles here use a color palette that gives you a vintage vibe, and this takes you back in time to the beginning of Herman Miller. As the video progresses, we can see a blend of different art styles being incorporated and syncing beautifully with each other while being complemented by pleasant background music and stunning effects. With no voice-over and just a few texts, the video offers a new take on storytelling.

How Effective Are Corporate Animation Videos?

There are several reasons why corporate animation videos are gaining momentum among businesses all over the world. The primary one being such videos are very effective in communicating the core company message, engaging the target audience, and triggering the desired emotions. As animation videos are usually produced with various attention-grabbing elements, colors, effects, and out-of-the-box creativity, they can quickly engage and retain the viewers. 

Furthermore, whereas live-action videos do not allow you to add any surreal elements, animation videos allow you to tell your story as magically as you want! Through the use of these elements and motion graphics, animations are also the ideal way to explain a complex concept in the fastest and easiest manner, which is perfect for corporate videos.

Overall, a corporate animation video subtly promotes your message while actually offering your audience entertaining content. If made with enough care, skill, and creativity, a corporate animation video can create a very positive impression for your brand.