Finta Animated Explainer Video Project

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The Client

Finta is a cutting-edge platform revolutionizing fundraising for startups. Their mission: to automate the entire fundraising workflow, allowing founders to focus on nurturing valuable investor relationships.


Finta wanted a video that explained their product along with its key features and benefits in an easy and engaging way. They needed the video to show how Finta makes fundraising simple for startup companies.

The goal was to help people understand how Finta’s software automates the fundraising process. The video should show that Finta lets startup founders focus on building relationships with investors instead of dealing with complicated tasks.

How We Did It

Our team at 10 Studio worked closely with Finta to bring their vision to life through a captivating animated explainer video. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at our process:

The Style Sheet

First, we developed a visually appealing style sheet that captured Finta’s modern and tech-savvy brand identity. Bold colors, clean lines, and sleek illustrations set the tone for an exciting, forward-thinking platform.

We chose a clean, modern animation style for Finta’s video. The style used simple shapes and bright colors to look visually appealing. 

We matched Finta’s existing brand colors (Green, Deep Sea Blue) and design elements. This made the video look consistent with Finta’s brand identity.

The Storyboard (Preliminary Sketches)

Next, our artists created storyboard sketches to plan out the story and visuals. We used simple drawings to explore different ideas and scenarios. 

The sketches showed a founder’s journey using Finta’s fundraising tools. We used visual metaphors like a robot assistant to represent Finta’s automated features.

These rough sketches helped visualize key scenes and transitions, ensuring a cohesive storytelling experience.

The Storyboard (Vector Version)

After getting feedback on the sketches, we created vector illustrations for the final storyboard. Vector images stay sharp at any size.

We refined the character designs and added more details to the scenes. This high-quality artwork formed the foundation and gave us a clear roadmap for the animated explainer video, bringing Finta’s world to life with vibrant visuals.


Like any creative project, we faced a few hurdles along the way.  

One challenge was accurately depicting Finta’s complex AI-driven features in a simple, easy-to-understand manner for a general audience. 

We overcame this by breaking down the concepts into digestible chunks and using relatable analogies.  We had to find clear metaphors and avoid technical jargon.

Another challenge was balancing the need for concise explanations with maintaining an engaging pace within a short 79-second video duration. 

Our solution was to use a mix of voiceovers, on-screen text, and dynamic animations to keep the viewer hooked while effectively communicating key information.

The Result

For the final video, we animated the storyboard scenes and added voice-over narration to guide viewers through Finta’s offering. The voiceover used friendly, conversational language to make Finta feel approachable. 

We included real-world examples to illustrate how Finta streamlines fundraising. An energetic background music track gave the animation an upbeat, motivating vibe in line with Finta’s brand personality.

The final Finta animated explainer video is a captivating masterpiece that resonates with startups and investors alike. 

Through stunning visuals and clear explanations, the video showcases Finta as a game-changing platform that streamlines fundraising, from finding the right investors to closing deals seamlessly.

Here are some key highlights:

  • Introducing Finta: The video opens with a visionary founder setting the stage for Finta’s revolutionary approach to fundraising.
  • CRM Automation: A GPT-powered CRM that personalizes investor interactions and automates follow-ups is brought to life through engaging animations.
  • Finding the Right Investors: Finta’s AI-driven investor matching is cleverly depicted, showing how the platform connects startups with aligned investors.
  • Streamlined Deal Making: Seamless deal sharing, pitch engagement, fund management, and document organization are visually represented in a sleek and intuitive manner.
  • The Future of Fundraising: The video concludes with a powerful message about Finta’s role in shaping the future of fundraising across various sectors.

Overall, the Finta animated explainer video serves as a compelling introduction to the platform, captivating viewers and inspiring them to explore Finta’s innovative solutions further.

Video Style:
2D Explainer Animation


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