RAILLIGHTING Animated Explainer Video Project

Revolution in Railway Lighting

The Client

RAILLIGHTING is an innovative company that has developed a cutting-edge, plug-and-play lighting solution for railways and other tracks. Their product, the Railpuck, is designed to make work safer and easier for conductors, repairmen, technicians, cleaners, and security officials in the railroad, public transport, harbor, and industrial park industries.


RAILLIGHTING approached 10 Studio to create an animated explainer video to simply and clearly explain their unique offering – the Railpuck. The main goals were:

  • Explain how the Railpuck lighting system works and its key benefits
  • Highlight the problems with traditional railway lighting methods
  • Demonstrate the easy installation process of the Railpuck
  • Emphasize the cost-savings and environmental benefits


Conveying the personalized, conversational nature of their lighting solution was also crucial. The video had to bring across that warm, human connection of Raillighting making work environments better and safer.

How We Did It

The Style Sheet

We decided on a friendly, hand-drawn style using simple character animations. This allowed us to literally show the back-and-forth interactions between workers and the Railpuck lighting system that Raillighting specializes in.

Our artists began by developing a visual style guide capturing Raillighting’s branding elements:

  • Color Palette: Yellow, gold, blue, black/white accents
  • Fonts: Clean, modern sans-serif fonts
  • Graphics Style: Flat vectors with gradients and highlights

We created sample illustration styles and animation tests to ensure a cohesive look aligning with Raillighting’s innovative, tech-focused brand personality. Bright pops of color from Raillighting’s brand palette added vibrance.

The Storyboard (Preliminary Sketches)

With the style nailed down, our illustrators roughed out storyboard sketches based on the approved script. These allowed us to map out the flow of visuals and plan camera angles/transitions.

Visual metaphors like climbing stairs represented their progress with the innovative lighting. We explored various storylines and sequences before finalizing a simple, relatable plot that followed a likable main character from start to finish.

The Storyboard (Vector Version)

Stella approached us in January 2022 with the aim to outsource animated explainer videos for their industrial machinery. She purchased 20 explainer videos from us. She is the co-founder of an industrial automation solution-providing company. Since its inception, it has supplied more than 20,000pc of machinery to local companies.

We created vector artwork for all the scenes. Unlike raster images, vectors can be resized infinitely without quality loss – perfect for responsive animations.


A key challenge was distilling Raillighting’s entire service into a compelling 120-second video without overcomplicating things. Another key challenge was visualizing:

  1. The installation process
  2. The contrast lighting concept

Through multiple rounds of feedback and revisions, we simplified the messaging further. We had to make these easy to understand. Through revisions, we refined details like:

  • Lighting angles
  • Motion lines
  • UI illustrations

This clearly showed how the Railpuck works.

We also conducted rig testing and animation polishing to ensure the characters’ and elements’ movements looked smooth and natural despite their simple designs.

The Result

With the visuals finalized, we recorded a friendly voiceover narrating the worker’s experience. The voiceover tone matched the warm, conversational feel we were going for.

An upbeat music track gave the animation an energetic rhythm, keeping viewers engaged. After stitching everything together, we had a bright, lively 120-second video that beautifully explains the Railpuck lighting system.

Clear visuals, a conversational script, and dynamic animation bring Raillighting’s innovative solution to life for viewers.

The compelling video is now used across Raillighting’s website, social media, and sales/marketing efforts to educate potential customers worldwide about this revolutionary railway lighting product.

RAILLIGHTING uses it across:

  • Their website
  • Social media
  • Sales and marketing

The video was a hit, playing a major role in driving new leads and sales for Raillighting. Its personality and polished look resonated perfectly with the company’s target audience of managers and developers in the railroad industry across income levels and locations worldwide.

Raillighting’s CEO said:

“The video perfectly captures the simplicity and innovation of our Railpuck lighting system. 10 Studio did an amazing job visualizing our unique product in an engaging way.”

Here are some key stats on the video’s success so far:

  • Over 50,000 views across platforms
  • Contributed to a 35% boost in website conversions

The animated explainer has been instrumental in driving awareness and understanding of the Railpuck among Raillighting’s target customers globally.

Video Style:
2D Animation


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