StoreSEO Animated Explainer Video

Best Shopify SEO App to Grow Your Business

The Client

StoreSEO is a powerful, innovative Shopify SEO app that helps eCommerce businesses drive sales and traffic by improving their search engine rankings. 

It’s designed to make search engine optimization easy, saving time and effort even for users without specialized SEO expertise.


The StoreSEO team wanted an engaging animated video from 10 Studio to clearly explain their app’s features and value proposition. 

They wanted a video that:

  • Highlights the challenges Shopify merchants face in achieving strong SEO
  • Explains how StoreSEO’s tools solve those problems effortlessly
  • Showcases the app’s user-friendly interface and Shopify integration
  • Emphasizes the real business growth and results StoreSEO can deliver

With SEO being a complex topic, their goal was to present StoreSEO as a simple, user-friendly solution for optimizing Shopify stores through friendly visuals and straightforward language.

How We Did It

The Style Sheet

To create an informative yet visually appealing style, we opted for a clean 2D isometric design with glowing elements that pop. 

This aesthetic was tailored to StoreSEO’s brand, incorporating their signature light green color scheme for an easy viewing experience.

  • Colors: Lively greens and whites
  • Typography: Clean, legible fonts exuding professionalism
  • Illustration Style: Flat, minimalist vector art with subtle textures

The Storyboard (Preliminary Sketches)

Transforming abstract SEO concepts into an approachable storyline, our storyboard used motion graphics as visual metaphors. 

Our illustrators roughed out storyboard sketches from the approved script to:

  • Map out the visual narrative flow
  • Explore camera angles and transitions
  • Experiment with character designs

Playing with size, movement, and geometric elements, we crafted an animated sequence that brought StoreSEO’s goals and functionality to life.

The Storyboard (Vector Version)

StoreSEO loved our initial sketches, so we made some minor tweaks to adapt the designs precisely to their branding. 

Then, we converted the sketches into vector images, ensuring they’d maintain crystal clarity at any size or resolution.


A primary challenge was visualizing StoreSEO’s technical functionality without overwhelming viewers. We tackled this by:

  • Breaking down complex concepts into digestible chunks
  • Using analogies and relatable visuals to simplify abstract ideas
  • Incorporating humor to keep the tone light and engaging

Another major hurdle was blending real 3D elements with flat “fake” isometric images in a unified 2.5D environment. Achieving this seamless integration of dimensions took a deft hand.

Also, a tight 10-day deadline for completing the entire video. Thanks to our skilled team and StoreSEO’s prompt feedback, we delivered top-notch quality on schedule.

The Result

With designs and animations complete, we added the final flourishes: a smooth male voiceover narration and a calm music track that harmonized with the motion graphics.

The finished video was a smash hit, garnering over 50,000 views in just one month! It kickstarted countless customer journeys as viewers discovered how StoreSEO could transform their struggling Shopify stores.

StoreSEO’s marketing team praised the video’s ability to resonate with audiences and drive conversions:

“The explainer video perfectly captures StoreSEO’s essence – informative, engaging, and showcasing our value brilliantly. We’ve already seen a major marketing impact.” StoreSEO CMO

The video has become central to StoreSEO’s marketing, serving as a powerful tool for educating prospects, building brand awareness, and driving downloads/subscriptions.

With its seamless blend of information and entertainment, the StoreSEO explainer continues to play a pivotal role in the app’s rapid growth.

Video Style:
Motion Graphics + 3D


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