Wandora Animated Explainer Video

Wandora - For a Wonderful Journey

The Client

Wandora is a platform that offers a complete solution for all travel needs. They provide a wide range of transportation options and accommodation choices to make holiday planning stress-free and extraordinary for travelers.


The main objective was to create an animated explainer video that simplifies Wandora’s hassle-free services, especially for travelers. 

The video aimed to showcase how Wandora can make holiday planning easy and unforgettable, highlighting their diverse transportation and accommodation offerings across the globe.

How We Did It

We used a narrative approach, focusing on visual explanations and clear animations to ensure both engagement and informative content.

The Style Sheet

The style sheet followed a minimalist and clean design approach. Our designers developed a vibrant visual style guide capturing Wandora’s adventurous spirit:

  • Colors: Warm oranges, blues, and greens evoking travel and nature
  • Illustration Style: Flat vectors with smooth animations and textures

With this color palette and animation style, we tried to create a cheerful and lively atmosphere. 

The Storyboard (Preliminary Sketches)

The preliminary storyboard sketches focused on mapping out the narrative flow and key scenes. We introduced the main characters, Lisa and Alex, planning their holiday trip. 

Sketches explored different ways to visualize transportation options, such as trains, cars, and planes, as well as various accommodation types like resorts, hotels, and guesthouses.

The Storyboard (Vector Version)

The final vector storyboard brought the sketches to life with polished visuals and animations. Character designs were refined, and backgrounds were detailed with vibrant colors and textures. 

Transitions and motion paths were carefully planned to create a smooth and engaging viewing experience.


Wandora offers many travel options across transportation, accommodation, and experiences. Visually representing this wide range of services was challenging.

Our strategy:

  • Focus scenes on key offerings like hotels, trains, and tours
  • Use scene transitions and graphics to quickly convey additional options
  • Simplify complex ideas through relatable character animations

One of the main challenges we faced was striking the right balance between visuals and information. We wanted to ensure that the video was visually appealing while also effectively communicating the key features and benefits of Wandora’s services. 

To overcome this, we worked closely with the client to prioritize the most important aspects and created a clear hierarchy of information through the strategic use of iconography and animation.

Another challenge was conveying the idea of a “one-stop solution” for travel planning in a concise and understandable manner. We addressed this by using analogies and visual metaphors that resonated with the target audience. 

For example, we depicted Wandora as a central hub from which all travel components radiated, reinforcing the concept of a comprehensive and convenient platform.

The Result

The final 49-second animated explainer video uses simple animations and straightforward narration to help viewers easily understand the concept of having a one-stop solution for all types of travel planning.

The video introduces Lisa and Alex, who are planning a holiday trip. It showcases how Wandora can turn their dream vacation into a reality with its all-in-one services, ensuring a seamless and spectacular journey.

Key features highlighted:

  • Range of Transportation Options: Viewers can choose from scenic train rides to car journeys.
  • Comfortable Accommodations: The video displays handpicked luxurious beachfront resorts, cozy boutique hotels, and authentic local guesthouses.
  • Personal Assistance: Wandora’s agents stay in touch from the beginning to help plan the trip, and experienced local guides lead travelers through remarkable moments.

The video successfully transforms Wandora’s complex travel services into engaging and easy-to-understand content, conveying the benefits of using their platform for a wonderful journey.

Video Style:
Motion Graphics + 3D


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