Best Animated Explainer Video Styles for Saas Companies

Best Animated Explainer Video Styles for Saas Companies

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It is a time of information technology. However, not everyone understands the technicality of Software-for-a-service products due to some limitations. For non-technical audiences, a better medium is needed so that the product can reach its target audience. Animated Explainer video is the most fruitful result of this problem. 

Before everything, what is SaaS?

The full form of SaaS is “Software for a Service”. It is a subscription-based software provider business. These companies allow customers to access and use software applications through the internet, rather than having to download or install the software on their computer. These companies offer cloud-based software solutions, which allow customers to access and use software applications through the Internet, rather than having to download or install the software on their computers.

However, no matter how impactful and useful the software provided by SaaS companies can be, it often becomes quite difficult for them to present their products to potential customers in an understandable manner. This is where the idea of animated explainer videos comes in. Animated explainer videos use animated visuals, narrations, and sound effects to convey a message clearly and concisely. In this article, we are going to talk about some of the best-animated explainer video styles for SaaS companies.

Whiteboard Animation Videos

This whole style of a narrator explaining the product as well as demonstrating the SaaS product is one of the most effective animated explainer video styles for a SaaS company because it can easily explain the concept details and technical details in a homely manner. This style of animation involves creating a hand-drawn illustration on a whiteboard, with the intonation of the animation being created in real-time as the viewer watches. 

Another aspect added to the favor of this animated explainer video style is that it can create a sense of authority which at the same time is friendly. As the viewer is taken through a step-by-step explanation of how software and how can benefit them, the narrator draws and explains the entire process like it is a rhythm. 

For example, this talent management software company named “ViGlobal” used Whiteboard Animation Explainer to present their Employee Retention Software.

The idea behind the software seems unique and difficult to understand but this animated explainer video quite simply explained the entire idea. Whiteboard Animation can be a great choice for SaaS businesses looking to create explainer videos that are informative, engaging, and easy to understand for their target audience.

2D Animation

2D animation is one of the most well-accepted animation styles in the present day especially, because how it creates flat, two-dimensional characters, items, and backgrounds is a common animation technique. Not only does it simplify complex subjects, but also it is quite cheaper to make compared to other animation styles. Start-up SaaS companies can easily regulate their new product campaign by using 2D animated explainer videos. This type of animation is also adaptable, enabling the creation of various characters and settings to match the SaaS company’s identity and content.

Let’s look into this 2D animated explainer video for a SaaS-based construction company and how easily their product is demonstrated in the video-

It is completely concentrated on the building business, which further enhances the video’s clean appearance. The 2D instructional graphics used in this video helps viewers understand why they should choose the tool and makes the video more pleasing to watch.

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics is an animation technique that uses shapes, icons, and typography to convey information. This style of animation is great for SaaS companies because it can be used to visualize data, statistics, and other information in a visually appealing way. Motion graphics can also be used to create a sense of movement and excitement, making it an excellent choice for explaining the benefits of a SaaS product which also in most cases requires a flow to demonstrate a product.

Let’s look into this Motion Graphic animated explainer video by Upsend, SaaS company that explained the respective product in the most in a very interesting way. The color, screenplay, charters, and voiceover in this movie are all excellent choices.

3D Animation

3D animation creates a three-dimensional environment. If the SaaS product wants to create a more fun, engaging and lively animated explainer video which may also give the audience a sense of enjoying the product they are trying to sell, then a 3D explainer video is the best option. For companies looking to make a big impact, 3D animation is a fantastic choice because it can be used to emphasize the benefits and features of a SaaS product in a visually stunning way.

Here is a 3D animated explainer video of a SaaS company named Tickera which is a WordPress event ticketing system that enables you to sell event tickets on your website and send them to customers online without having to pay any commission to third parties.

The vibrant and lively 3D style of those videos makes the whole process of Tickera products fun, exciting, and easy.

Cutout Animation

Cutout animation involves using pre-made characters and objects and animating them in a 2D space. This style of animation is an excellent choice for SaaS companies that want to create a fun and playful video that resonates with their target audience. Cutout animation is also versatile, allowing for different characters and environments to be created to suit the SaaS company’s brand and messaging.

Let’s take this video by Postmodern marketing as an example: 

Postmodern Marketing is a 360-degree safety plan for businesses that want to protect their websites from hackers or any malfunctions. If look into the video, it explains well how in every aspect of life safety is important by providing important subjects as cutouts. This is how this animated explainer video style can be a great starter for SaaS companies like Postmodern Marketing (Now rebranded as “Nowspeed”). 

Wrapping Up

Ultimately, the best style for a SaaS explainer video will depend on the specific needs and goals of the company. However, by considering the advantages and disadvantages of each style, a SaaS company can choose the best option to create an effective and engaging explainer video that effectively communicates the value of their product or service