The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instructional Videos

The Ultimate Guide to Creating Engaging Instructional Videos

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In 2017, a CISCO study estimated that by 2021 video will account for 80% of all internet traffic. However, a recent study conducted by Sandvine study showed that video accounts for 65% of all internet traffic. 

Although the numbers aren’t such as CISCO guessed, but it’s surely rising over the years. 

Needless to say, creating compelling instructional videos is crucial for educators, marketers, HR managers, and other professionals. But what does it take to develop effective explanatory videos that keep viewers hooked? 

Whether you want to create explainer, training, educational, demo, or micro videos, the following post will help you create stellar instructional videos that captivate audiences. 

Types of Effective Instructional Videos

When making an instructional video, first decide which format will work best for your goals and audience. Some popular options include:

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos use animation, graphics, and narration to demonstrate a concept, product, or process. They educate audiences on how something works or clarify complex ideas. Keep them short and fun. Consider including storyboarding, quality voiceovers, descriptive visuals, and motion graphics. For expert consultation, contact experienced explainer video creators like 10 Studio

Training Videos

Use training videos to teach a skill or task. Show trainees exactly how to complete procedures via footage of someone performing the steps. Focus on clarity over cleverness. Use screen capture to record processes on a computer. Hire experts for clear voiceovers. Include text overlays for emphasis.

Demo Videos

Demo videos showcase how a particular product or service works by demonstrating essential features and functionalities authentically. Use editing techniques like jump cuts, close-ups, and B-roll footage. Add background music to keep viewers engaged.

Micro Videos

Micro videos explain just one key concept, tip, or trick very quickly, typically under 90 seconds. They work well for focused information. Use concise scripts, customized motion graphics, and seamless transitions in video editing.

Educational Videos

Assemble multiple short instructional videos into a structured online course with distinct learning objectives per video or module. Add assessments to check for understanding. Invest time in post-production editing to polish scenes. Promote your course through video marketing. 

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The right educational video style depends on whether you want to teach complex processes, highlight features, simplify abstract topics, provide system overviews, and more. Consider your goals and audience’s needs when choosing a format.

How To Make Stellar Instructional Videos

Creating compelling instructional videos takes strategic planning, captivating visuals, high-quality audio, seamless editing, and effective promotion. Follow these tips:

Plan Your Video

Thoroughly plan your instructional video before filming:

  • Identify an audience and goals – Determine who your learners are and what knowledge/skills your video aims to teach. Tailor content accordingly.
  • Choose video style – Select a format like an explainer, training, demo, micro-learning, or course videos. Each serves a specific purpose.
  • Write a script and storyboard – Outline scenes with a script for narration and a storyboard for visuals. Ensure logical flow.

Design Interactive Visuals

Strategically design custom visual elements for your animation or live footage:

  • Use appealing characters and graphics – Create relatable characters and clean infographics to explain concepts. Simplify complex ideas.
  • Animations for complex concepts – Use 2D/3D animation for dynamic motion and to demonstrate intricate systems/processes.
  • Leverage text overlays – Reinforce key points with punchy text overlays on the screen. Good visual aids.

Record High-Quality Audio

Professional voice-over and sound design to improve video quality:

  • Hire professional voiceover talent – Their clear enunciation helps with comprehension.
  • Use clear pronunciation and warmth – Relatable audio keeps learners focused.
  • Add background music for engagement – Subtle cheerful music lifts the mood and sets the tone.

Mindfully Edit and Optimize

Seamless post-production editing polishes raw footage:

  • Use transitions between scenes – Fade, wipe, or slide transitions to link graphics/footage smoothly.
  • Include interactive elements – Embed quizzes, links, and infographics to boost engagement.
  • Compress file size for quick loading – Use codecs to reduce file size without losing quality for smooth playback.

Promote Your Video Assets

Actively promote videos once published to maximize reach:

  • Feature on the website, YouTube – Make videos easy to access on key platforms by embedding and linking them prominently. Drive discovery.
  • Share on social media – Spread across platforms like Facebook and Instagram by posting with relevant hashtags and handles for wider visibility. Tag stakeholders.
  • Include in blog and newsletters – Embed instructional videos within relevant online articles, email newsletters, etc. Establish consistency.

Continually Improve

Regularly use video analytics to refine old videos:

  • Analyze viewer drop-off – Track at what points the audience closes videos to identify less engaging sections needing improvement.
  • Get feedback from target viewers – Request qualitative input from your core target audience on what video areas need refinement.
  • Refine and update old videos – Use insights gained to update outdated assets. Shorten, tweak visuals, and enhance clarity.

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Example Of Ideal Instructional Video

Here are some successful examples of instructional videos that will help you deepen your understanding. 

1. Morphisec

Morphisec’s engaging explainer video seamlessly combines 2D animation and software screencast demonstrations into a stellar instructional asset highlighting key features. It strategically uses motion graphics to visually communicate how this cybersecurity product meets customer needs. 

Furthermore, the intermittent text overlays used in the video reinforce and simplify complex concepts for viewers. Overall, the descriptive narration aligned with crisp visuals in this explainer creates an exceptionally easy-to-comprehend overview.

2. Square

For companies whose products users find challenging to fully utilize, Square’s training video serves as inspiration. Comprehension can be enhanced by integrating screencast footage with corresponding animated segments and transitions. 

Unlike many static software walkthroughs, Square introduces an element of fun with a live-action b-roll. The professional voiceover aligns with on-screen text captions, providing instructional context. This creative blend results in an appealing, information-rich training video.

3. Anchor

Anchor’s software demo video dispels the notion that screencast walkthroughs must be uninteresting. By skillfully combining screen-captured product footage with custom motion graphics animations, Anchor ensures their demo remains engaging and dynamic. 

The upbeat background music and succinct narration add life to what could otherwise be a sterile format. While accurately showcasing platform capabilities, this video maintains energy, conveying the core message to viewers in a memorable way.

Wrapping Up

Creating compelling instructional videos that educate and excite audiences requires strategic planning, eye-catching visuals, polished editing, and active promotion. Follow the tips covered to develop great explainer, training, demo, micro, and course videos tailored to your goals. 

For expert help executing any step of the production process, including scriptwriting, animation, voiceovers, and more, contact the pros at 10 Studio. As a rising animated explainer video production company, we craft high-quality video assets that capture attention and boost comprehension. 

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