Leadership Team

Our leadership team is comprised of industry experts who are passionate about their work, and have an extensive background in the industry.

Meet The Professionals

Behind the scenes peek at the brilliant minds of 10 Studio

Saiful Rahman


Ataullah Khan

Sr. Account Manager

Nahid Hossen

Production Manager

Md. Anis Mahmud

Lead Editor

Berta Windler


Madonna Gottlieb

Marketing Director

Mr. Jevon Dibbert

3D Generalist

Orville Swift

Concept Artist

Eleonore Turner

Social Media Manager

Jamir Ullrich


Hester Leannon

Motion Graphics Animator

Cade Medhurst

Concept Artist

Rae Toy

Character Animator

Astrid Davis

Graphics Designer

Alvena Borer

Graphics Designer

Arch Cruickshank

Video Editor