Check Out These 10 Amazing Animated Explainer Videos from Successful Startups

Check Out These 10 Amazing Animated Explainer Videos from Successful Startups

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Nowadays, a catchy animated video can be the key factor that propels your startup to success. While many B2B videos tend to be similar, startup videos stand out by aiming to create a memorable first impression.

Simply put, the goal of startup videos is to grab the attention of potential customers and keep existing ones interested, regardless of the specific startup idea.

Given the constant flow of information, we often wonder: What are the top startup videos out there? Today, we’ll answer that question by highlighting the 10 best animated startup explainer videos that have revolutionized storytelling and marketing for businesses worldwide.

10 Animated Explainer Videos from Successful Startups

1. Notion

The Notion startup explainer video, renowned among the best in its category, is a standout production that impresses viewers across various industries, including Enterprise, Small Business, Personal, Education, and Startups. Bolstering its credibility, the video features collaborations with esteemed brands such as Figma, Pixar, Monzo, Slack, Nike, and Toyota. 

Focused on brand marketing, the video efficiently captures the essence of Notion’s capabilities through a combination of compelling visuals and narration. It effectively communicates with the target audience, highlighting the simplicity of utilizing Notion, particularly beneficial for small businesses. 

Overall, the Notion startup explainer video is a must-watch for its concise, engaging, and informative portrayal of the brand.

2. Playdate

Focused on the gaming developer, news, and apps industries, this product marketing video for Playdate is a collaboration with an undisclosed partner. The primary objective is to promote the Playdate handheld gaming device. 

The video is worth watching for its engaging and informative presentation, offering a clear insight into the unique features and concept of the product. It effectively introduces Playdate, emphasizing its versatility as both a gaming device and a tool for game creation. 

The video succeeds in providing compelling reasons for viewers to be intrigued and interested in this innovative product.

3. GQueues

Up next is a noteworthy startup explainer video for GQueues created by Studio Pigeon. This video stands out for its exceptional ability to clearly articulate the intricacies of an external task management solution designed for Google Workspace. 

The execution of animation and visuals is impeccable, complemented by an outstanding voiceover, resulting in a comprehensive and engaging package. In our assessment, this animated explainer video exemplifies effective storytelling and presentation.

4. Digit

Targeting the finance industry with a focus on product marketing and branding, Digit presents a compelling animated explainer video that makes the prospect of saving money enticing. The short video employs seamless narration, calming music, and a minimalist design to evoke a sense of comfort, effectively introducing the solution to the savings dilemma. 

Notably, the animation stands out, utilizing pleasing textures to offer a tactile and immersive experience. Digit’s startup pitch videos effectively resonate with and communicate to their target audience, bridging the emotional gap between recognizing the importance of saving and putting it into practice. 

This video is worth watching for its innovative approach in transforming a typically avoided topic into an engaging and relatable narrative.

5. Webflow

Webflow’s explainer video is another must-watch, particularly for those in the IT, E-commerce, Security, and Hosting industries. Collaborating with big names such as Discord, Dell, and Dropbox, Webflow’s primary objective is brand marketing. 

What makes this video stand out is its ability to showcase the platform’s power in a concise and engaging manner, simplifying complex technology. It effectively communicates how Webflow enables designers, creatives, and visionaries to create professional-grade websites without the need for coding skills. 

This video sets a high standard for what exemplary startup videos should embody, illustrating the evolution of video production companies in the process.

6. Basecamp

Basecamp is an open platform designed for startups, tech, e-commerce, and software development. The video, created in collaboration with APEX, FLIP Burger Boutique, Pixel & Tonic, Inc., serves the objective of brand marketing. Although not the flashiest, the video stands out for its exceptional ability to elucidate product use. 

Basecamp 3’s onboarding video utilizes screencasting to illustrate the software in action within a hypothetical team setting. Real-life scenarios provide practical value to the platform’s features, making it one of the best startup videos. 

The concise and informative explainer encourages viewers to delve into Basecamp’s tools and features, showcasing its prowess in streamlining team workflows through practical demonstrations of communication, organization, and collaboration tools.


Focused on the open platform for startups and small businesses, particularly in software development, Swag’s collaborative effort aims at brand marketing. The startup promotional video is worth watching for its efficiency in presenting Swag as a holistic solution for both employers and employees. 

Unlike traditional approaches, this video demonstrates that impactful content doesn’t necessarily require hiring actors or conforming to a 30-second time constraint to boost search rankings. It showcases the potential of explainer videos to be straightforward, engaging, and appealing to viewers seeking to improve their work experience in a concise timeframe.

8. ClickUp

Before ClickUp

For open platforms for business operations, software development, marketing, and engineering, ClickUp showcases its collaboration with notable entities like Netflix, IBM, and 

With a clear objective of product marketing, the video is compelling for its portrayal of the positive transformation achieved through ClickUp in project management. It skillfully contrasts the pre-ClickUp chaos with the organized and streamlined approach post-adoption, highlighting the platform’s effectiveness. 

The video underscores ClickUp’s role in centralizing team communication and collaboration, making a persuasive case for viewers to consider the platform for their project management needs.

9. Air

The Creative Ops System by Air caters to marketers and software developers, counting Pepsi, Google, and Soundcloud among its collaborators. Focused on brand marketing, the animated video stands out for its visual and relatable approach, providing a unique perspective on challenges encountered in the creative process. 

Capturing attention from the start by depicting the chaos of managing diverse visual assets, the video effectively communicates Air’s distinctive value proposition—a comprehensive platform transcending traditional cloud storage to streamline creative operations. 

The concise and engaging narrative highlights how Air’s automation of manual tasks saves time and boosts productivity. With a clear emphasis on innovative features and the potential to optimize workflows, this video proves valuable not only for established companies but particularly for startup businesses.

10. Twilio

Concentrated on the Customer Engagement Platform for both startups and enterprises in industries such as marketing and customer experience, Twilio’s video stands out in brand marketing. The collaboration with notable entities like Allergan, BGL, and Vacasa underscores its industry presence. 

The video aims to captivate audiences by showcasing the transformation of customer interactions into meaningful connections. Twilio’s Customer Engagement Platform video invites viewers into a realm where communication transcends the ordinary, emphasizing personalization, relevance, and impact in every conversation. 

Using relatable examples, the video effectively demonstrates the platform’s capabilities, reshaping the way companies engage with their customers on a personal, relevant, and human level. For those intrigued by innovative approaches to customer connections, this video is a compelling and informative watch.

Why You Should Use Animated Explainer Videos For Your Startup?

Startup videos are short, engaging clips designed to introduce and promote a startup’s products, services, or overall brand. These videos often employ creative storytelling and visual elements to capture the audience’s attention and convey the key messages effectively. 

Now, let’s explore the benefits of using animated explainer videos for your startup:

Clarity and Simplicity

Animated videos simplify complex ideas and concepts, breaking down intricate information into easily understandable sequences. The use of visuals aids in conveying your startup’s offerings in a straightforward manner.

Increased Engagement

The inherent captivating nature of animated videos keeps viewers more engaged compared to static content. Through dynamic visuals and storytelling techniques, you can evoke emotions and create a lasting impression, fostering a deeper connection with your audience.

Versatility in Storytelling

Animation provides the flexibility to tell your startup’s story creatively and uniquely. By incorporating characters, settings, and scenarios that resonate with your target audience, you can set your startup apart from competitors and leave a memorable impression.

Brand Consistency

Animated explainer videos enable consistent branding by incorporating your company’s colors, logos, and overall visual identity. This consistency reinforces brand recognition and contributes to the establishment of a strong, cohesive startup image.

Cost-Effective Production

Animation can be a more cost-effective option than live-action videos, particularly for startups with limited budgets. By eliminating the need for physical sets, actors, and other expenses associated with traditional video production, you can create compelling content within budget constraints.

Global Appeal

Visual storytelling transcends language barriers, making animated explainer videos suitable for a global audience. You can effectively convey your message to diverse demographics without relying heavily on text or language, ensuring a broader reach.

Enhanced Information Retention

The combination of visuals, audio, and narration in animated videos enhances information retention. Viewers are more likely to remember key details about your startup, increasing the chances of conversion and fostering a deeper understanding of your offerings.

Shareability and Virality

Animated content is easily shareable on social media platforms, potentially leading to increased virality. The engaging visuals not only captivate your audience but also encourage viewers to share your startup video, expanding your reach organically across online platforms. 

Incorporating animated explainer videos into your startup’s marketing strategy can be a powerful tool for effectively communicating your value proposition, establishing brand identity, and connecting with your target audience.

Why “10 Studio” Should Be Your Ideal Choice For Startup Videos

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Here are 5 reasons you should trust 10 Studio with your startup video:

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Quality Assurance: Excellence is Non-Negotiable

At 10 Studio, excellence is essential. Our rigorous quality control ensures your video fully aligns with your brand identity and meets the highest standards, down to the last frame. Trust us to deliver videos that engage viewers and leave a lasting impression.

Scalability: Expand Your Reach with Ease

Grow your startup’s reach seamlessly with 10 Studio. Our videos are designed for easy adaptation, allowing you to customize content for different regions and platforms. Whether you need localized versions or format changes, our videos provide versatility. This streamlined approach means consistent messaging that resonates across diverse audiences.

Expert Team: Collaboration that Transcends

Collaborate with 10 Studio’s experienced professionals across fields from writing to animation. With collective creativity and expertise, your video becomes a compelling story embodying your brand. Trust our specialists to craft a video that connects with your audience and drives your startup’s success.

Wrapping Up

Startup explainer videos have emerged as a powerful marketing tool for new businesses to make a memorable first impression. The top animated videos we covered demonstrate how creative visual storytelling and concise messaging can effectively communicate key information and resonate with target audiences. 

For startups looking to produce their own impactful videos, leveraging animation’s versatility and cost-effectiveness can be hugely beneficial. With expertise in video production and a commitment to bringing your vision to life, a partner like 10 Studio is an ideal choice to craft compelling startup videos that grab attention and drive results. 

Transform Your Message With Animation

Impactful visual content is invaluable in today’s crowded digital landscape, and investing in quality startup explainer videos can give your business a competitive edge right from the start.

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