What is a Moodboard

What is a Moodboard? How You Can Use it in Animation Production

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In the vibrant world of animation, moodboard is a crucial tool where you can create compelling visuals and captivate audiences easily.

A mood board is a collage of images, colors, textures, and various design elements, and serves as a visual compass that navigates the direction of an animation project.

Now let’s take a deeper look into what mood boards are and their significance in elevating the animation production process.

What is a Moodboard?

So, what mood board is? 

In simple words, it’s a collage in which you can combine various visual elements like fonts, colors, and images. The main goal of the mood board is to show any visual ideas that would represent the final look of my animation. 

And why the name mood board? Because it determines the overall mood of your design.

Previously moodboards were colorful physical boards with magazine cutouts. But today where animation is a must for modern businesses, there are plenty of tools to create moodboards on screen. 

Contents of an Animation Mood Board

Now, the contents of an animation mood board can vary depending on the project, style, and objectives. Generally, a mood board includes a curated selection of visual elements that collectively capture the intended mood, tone, and style of a project.

Here’s a breakdown of typical components found in a mood board:

1. Images and Illustrations 

Images and illustrations in the mood board represent various themes, moods, and aesthetics related to the project. Moreover, photographs, sketches, or digital artwork evoke the desired emotions or convey specific concepts.

2. Color Palette

Swatches of colors that reflect the intended mood or convey the overall color scheme for the project. Combinations of hues, tones, and shades establish the visual identity and atmosphere.

3. Typography

In a mood board, you can use fonts or styles that align with the project’s theme or brand identity. Examples of text treatments, lettering, or fonts complement the visual elements.

4. Mood and Emotion

Visual representations or expressions of emotions, feelings, or atmospheres relevant to the project’s story or theme. Imagery that conveys the intended emotional impact on the audience.

5. Brand or Project Identity

Usually, in a mood board, some elements represent the project’s identity, such as logos, branding elements, or any distinctive visual markers.

Main Benefits of Creating a Mood Board

  1. Clarifies vision and ideas – A mood board allows you to visualize concepts, themes, colors, textures, and emotions for a project. 
  2. Facilitates communication and alignment – Moodboards provide a common creative reference that can be shared with stakeholders, team members, or clients allowing everyone to get on the same visual page.
  3. Sparks inspiration and creativity – The process of sourcing and assembling visual imagery for a mood board encourages lateral thinking and makes intangible ideas more concrete. 
  4. Saves time and money – Properly executed mood boards give important visual direction early in the process before investing in actual creative materials and video production preventing misaligned visions.
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When Should mood boards be created in the production timeline?

Ideally, mood boards should be one of the first things created in a production timeline, for a few key reasons:

  • Sets overall creative direction – As one of the earliest visual artifacts, mood boards establish the intended look, feel, style, and emotions that will guide all later creative efforts. This early alignment helps to save efforts on designs that miss the mark.
  • Informs pre-production – With the mood board’s aesthetic in place, all the planning for actual production design, locations, casting, costumes, props, etc. can be used as a guide even before the shooting starts. This keeps preparations true to the intended vision.
  • Allows time for iterations – Early mood boards give time for all stakeholders to provide feedback for potential tweaks or changes before looks are finalized. There’s flexibility to refine the moodboard without affecting in-progress production design.
  • Facilitates team communications – With moodboards complete early on, all departments from directing to costume design can use it as a constant reference to solve disputes or align visions during the busyness of production.

How do we utilize mood boards at our studio?

At 10 Studio, mood boards serve as foundational tools that guide our creative process, fostering collaboration and ensuring a unified vision for our animation projects. 

Here are some examples of animated videos where we effectively utilized mood boards :

Strictly Superfood 

A health food app named Strictly Superfood contacted us to make an animation video describing their company’s services. We created a mood board to give them a feel for the characters in the video, their environment, and the color palettes we would use. 

The color palette we chose for the video was inspired by the logo of the site. Moreover, we chose dynamic characters that would complement the site’s benefit. 

Full Stro – Ultimate Order Fulfillment System

Fullstro is a powerful inventory and order management system. The company hired us to create an animated video to show the app’s key features. So before we started producing them we sent them a moodboard. 

The mood board had an idea of how we could connect to the potential customers. Moreover, we made sure that the mood board gave a familiar yet true-to-life appeal.

Now, for the interface and color palette, we chose to go for a fundamental design aesthetic that they use in their app.


While mood boards require some upfront effort, completing them early in the timeline saves immense time, money, and confusion down the road. 

Moodboards ground the team in a united visual direction from day one. Updating them as needed prevents even slight deviations from the intended creative goals.

At 10 Studio, we specialize in bringing visions to life through captivating animation. If you’re looking to elevate your storytelling with immersive visuals, let’s collaborate and transform your concepts into mesmerizing animated experiences. 

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