5 Common Missteps That Make Explainer Videos Ineffective

5 Common Missteps That Make Explainer Videos Ineffective

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Crafting an explainer video is a complex process involving time, money, and strategy. But despite best efforts, completed videos sometimes fail to resonate as hoped.

This underperformance represents a tremendous missed opportunity given the power of video content in branding and marketing. By exploring common explainer video mistakes—from messaging flaws to audience disconnects and more—you can unlock an explainer video’s full potential. 

This guide will illuminate pitfalls to avoid and keys to creating a video asset that powerfully communicates your value proposition engages your core viewers, and delivers real ROI.

Explainer Video Creation Process

Creating an effective explainer video requires a significant investment of both time and money to get it right. The production process involves several key steps:

  • Developing a script and storyboard – The foundation is writing an engaging explainer video script aligned to core brand messaging and value propositions. Detailed storyboard sketches along with the presence of great storytelling are also important to translate the script visually.
  • Design and animation – Artists design characters, environments, and graphic elements, and assist with animation style decisions. Animation brings the storyboard to life following the script.
  • Voiceover and music – Professional voiceover talents read the final script. An emotive background score sets the video’s tone.
  • Editing and finalization – Raw animated footage, voiceover, etc. are combined and edited into a cohesive video. Final touches like logo integration occur.
  • Optimization and testing – The completed video is optimized for search visibility, accessibility, mobile viewing, etc. then tested with the target audience.

With so much time and budget invested into creating explainer videos, ensuring the result effectively communicates your messaging to engage your core viewer base is crucial. Mistakes at any stage of video production can hinder the asset’s ultimate performance.

Understanding the Failures of the Explainer Videos

From explainer video analytics, you can find the reason behind the failures of your video which indicates misaligned messaging, disconnect with the target audience, and stylistic shortcomings. 

Messaging errors, including the inability to convey a unique value proposition and build a memorable brand identity, hinder effective communication. Failing to resonate with audience motivations leads to a significant disconnect. 

Stylistic issues such as overcomplicated scenes, mismatched animation with brand image, and not-so attractive visual content or text-heavy content also contribute to failures. 

Additionally, distribution limitations, poor SEO practices, and overlooking analytics further impede success. Addressing these issues—aligning messaging, understanding audience needs, refining stylistic choices, and optimizing distribution and analytics—is crucial to salvaging underperforming explainer videos. 

Identifying these pitfalls and rectifying them form the crux of a successful video content strategy, ultimately enhancing impact and ROI.

Reasons Behind Explainer Video Mistakes

Despite best intentions, many factors can cause an explainer video to miss the mark and fail to resonate with viewers. By understanding the core issues that cause explainer videos to underperform, you gain crucial insights to rectify problems and refine your video content strategy.

1. Messaging Misalignment

A major factor behind poor explainer video performance is a messaging mismatch. Specifically, the video fails to clearly convey the intended core brand messaging and unique value proposition to viewers. This occurs when:

  • The video lacks a clear, singular focus on highlighting the brand, product, or service’s differentiated benefit and why the viewer should care.
  • There is an over reliance on complex industry jargon rather than explaining benefits in accessible language for the target audience. Viewers tune out.

2. Audience Disconnect

Another common misstep is creating an explainer video that fails to effectively engage the target viewer base. This happens when:

  • The video doesn’t align with the motivations and pain points of the audience demographic it aims to reach. The value presented is not relevant.
  • The style, tone, or pace of the video does not resonate with what appeals to the intended viewers. It misses their preferences.

3. Stylistic Issues

Explainer videos also falter when stylistic choices detract rather than enhance the viewing experience. Flaws include:

  • Animation styles that don’t match the brand image or quality expectations of the audience.
  • Overcomplicated graphics or too much information crammed into scenes.
  • A mismatch between visuals and the text-heavy script content. 

4. Distribution and Optimization Problems

The success of an explainer video heavily depends on its distribution and accessibility. Videos fail when:

  • They are not leveraged on enough relevant marketing channels with adequate visibility.
  • Video SEO optimization practices are neglected, limiting discoverability. 
  • Accessibility issues exist like paywalls or lack of captions that restrict viewing.

5. Neglecting Analytics and Feedback

Finally, devaluing data and insights on video performance hinders improvement. Failing to:

  • Leverage video analytics to understand engagement levels and optimization opportunities.
  • Track core performance metrics to benchmark success over time.
  • Monitor qualitative feedback via comments, surveys, etc for additional viewer perspectives.

By recognizing where explainer videos fall short in these key areas, creators can diagnose weaknesses and refine their overall video strategy.

Refining Explainer Video Strategy

Instead of completely discarding underperforming explainer videos, consider implementing strategies to refine and enhance their effectiveness.

Identify and Address Issues

Start by identifying the issues. Once you’ve pinpointed the problems, you can take targeted steps to improve your overall explainer video strategy and boost performance.

Potential Solutions

Solutions may involve:

  • Revising the core messaging and value propositions.
  • Fine-tuning the creative execution and animation style.
  • Expanding distribution through additional marketing channels.
  • Optimizing for search visibility.
  • Building more robust tracking and feedback mechanisms.

Leverage Audience Insights and Data

Armed with deeper insights into your audience’s motivations and preferences, and data on where your video currently falls short, you are well-positioned to transform your video assets into engaging, high-converting touchpoints that deliver true ROI.


If your existing explainer video best practies are underperforming, several next steps can help strengthen your video content strategy:

  • Leverage Existing Assets: Before scrapping your current videos, explore how to refine them through improved messaging, stylistic changes, better distribution, etc. Optimizing what you have is cost-effective.
  • Explore Performance Maximization Strategies: Dig into your video and channel analytics and talk to real viewers to diagnose flaws. Identify specific improvements whether creative, technical, or related to dissemination.
  • Consult Video Strategy Experts: Work with a solutions provider like 10 Studio to review your current videos and provide science-backed recommendations to boost engagement and conversions. Their strategic guidance can unlock untapped potential.

Rather than giving up and writing off your existing assets, strategic refinements can help craft engaging, high-converting explainer videos that deliver powerful ROI. Expert help accelerates this process.

Wrapping Up

Explainer videos that miss the mark represent missed opportunities and wasted investments. By identifying the root causes behind dull video performance whether flawed messaging, creative issues, distribution gaps, or analytics neglect, you gain priceless insights to rectify problems and optimize your video strategy. 

For science-backed solutions to enhance your existing assets or create future explainer videos that powerfully engage viewers and delivers true video ROI, contact the experts at 10 Studio today!

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