Top 5 SaaS Product Launch Videos & How To Create Them

Top 5 SaaS Product Launch Videos & How To Create Them

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Bringing a new SAAS product to market is an exciting time for any company. All the research and development has led up to this moment. Now it’s time to introduce your creation to the world. An impactful SAAS product launch video can be one of the most effective ways to generate buzz and get potential customers excited about what you’ve built.  

In this article, we will look at great examples of SAAS product launch videos. These videos did a fantastic job introducing and promoting new apps, software, and other digital products when they launched. We will see different video styles – some funny, some emotional, some with lots of explanations. This gives you ideas to make your own excellent video when you launch a product.

The videos come from both big business brands and smaller startups. We look at what worked well in each one. Pay attention to things like music, emotions, storytelling, and showing product benefits. Then you can take what you learn and make the perfect video for your next product release!

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5 Examples of Succesful SaaS Product Launch Videos

Explore five outstanding examples of SAAS product launch videos that can serve as valuable learning experiences and inspire your own creative endeavors.

1. Slack

Unlike other companies, Slack takes a different approach to presenting its product launch. Instead of opting for a brief overview, they’ve crafted a detailed 4+ minute video. This extended duration allows them to thoroughly explain every aspect of their new product. 

What sets Slack apart is their use of animation to introduce a next-generation product that caters to both developers and non-developers.

In the launch video, Slack goes beyond mere descriptions and employs a practical example to illustrate the functionality of their platform. This demonstration highlights how their product can efficiently save time that would otherwise be spent on more time-consuming tasks. 

Furthermore, the video emphasizes the platform’s ability to facilitate seamless communication both within and beyond its immediate environment.

2. Square

Square crafted its product launch video with a broad audience in mind, recognizing the importance of reaching diverse customer profiles. To achieve this, they incorporated numerous use cases and examples, ensuring that individuals from various professions could easily relate to the content.

Set against a short time span, the video systematically illustrates how their product streamlines the buyer’s journey, guiding users through screen navigation, product selection, and effortlessly reaching the checkout page with just a few simple clicks.

3. Spotify

Spotify made a cool video to introduce their new thing. It’s all about helping podcast makers share their stuff on Spotify. They used a fun 45-second animated video to explain it all. 

The video not only introduced the service but also showed the good stuff about sharing podcasts on Spotify. It made clear how simple it is to connect with listeners, no matter how they enjoy podcasts.

4. Grammarly

Grammarly addresses a common concern we all share—the worry of making typing mistakes and potentially losing valuable content. In a current demo video, Grammarly highlights the advantages of having their app on your PC and smartphone. This can make a big difference in your daily tasks, like writing assignments and messaging on WhatsApp.

The product speaks for itself; no need for someone to explain. Grammarly’s business-to-business (B2B) video marketing focuses on providing customers with the information they need about how Grammarly works.

5. HelloFresh

HelloFresh, a meal delivery service, uses a special animated video to explain how their service works. In the first 15 seconds, they talk about the common problems their customers might have and promise that by signing up, these customers “don’t need to worry about meal times.”

What’s cool about this video is that it’s made to show up when people search for things like “food delivery subscription” or “fresh meals” on YouTube. This way, when someone new discovers HelloFresh through this video, they quickly learn how the subscription works and can clear up any questions they might have about joining.

Best Types Of SaaS Product Launch Videos

When it comes to launching your product, the type of video you choose can make a big difference in how well your story gets across to your audience. Let’s break down a few effective video types:

1. Brand Videos: These are all about storytelling rather than just showing off the product. They dive into the idea behind your product, why your company decided to create it, and the benefits it brings to customers. Brand videos can be either live-action or animated, adding a creative touch to your narrative.

2. Product Overview Videos: Here, you’re giving your audience a good look at your product—what it looks like, how it works, and why it’s valuable to users. These videos break down the features and benefits, providing a detailed yet easy-to-understand view. They’re also a cost-effective choice for brands on a tight budget and in need of a quick turnaround.

3. Explainer Videos: Explainers are handy for launching new products or updating existing ones. You can go for live-action, showing the product in real-life situations and explaining its benefits, or animated versions that use 3D, 2D animations, and motion graphics to tell your story and highlight the utility of your product.

4. App Videos: Tailored for applications and software, these videos focus on demonstrating how the application is used, its purpose, and why users should be interested. You’ll often see representations of the user interface and details about different features.

Choosing the right video type depends on your specific goals and the story you want to tell. Each approach offers a unique way to connect with your audience and make your product launch memorable.

Craft an Awesome SaaS Product Launch Video with 10 Studio

At 10 Studio, we know a compelling story is key to an effective product launch video. When partnering with SaaS companies, we always start by understanding who the target audience is. Putting ourselves in the viewer’s shoes helps us explain the product in a relatable way.

Our animated videos introduce a character that resembles the ideal customer. We show their challenges before finding the SaaS solution. Identifying pain points the product solves connects with audiences.

The script answers important questions about what the software does, who needs it, and why. We showcase how the product works through animation. The benefits and value proposition are highlighted clearly. Details that matter to users are emphasized.

The story conveys why this SaaS stands out from competitors. Special capabilities and exclusive features come to life. Customer service, reviews, guarantees, and case studies validate the product’s advantage.

We initially reveal some aspects to build intrigue. The aura of mystery keeps viewers engaged to learn more. Curiosity is sparked to see the full software in action.

Finally, a clear call to action steers audiences to the brand’s website, sales team, or purchasing. The next steps are defined so viewers engage further after watching.

This strategic approach allows 10 Studio to craft compelling, informative launch videos. Partnering with us results in animations that educate and excite your SaaS’s ideal users.

Want to bring your SaaS product story to life through animation? Contact 10 Studio today to learn how our explainer video services can effectively launch your software!

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Wrapping Up

Creating an engaging SaaS product launch video is a highly effective way to generate buzz and drive interest when unveiling something new. As we’ve seen from the diverse examples above, there are many creative formats and storytelling techniques to captivate your audience. 

The key is to craft content specifically tailored to your product and buyers. Use these videos to highlight your unique value proposition, showcase key features, and prompt viewers to take action. With the right strategic approach, video content can take your product launch to the next level and ensure a successful release. 

Consider these best practices when planning your next product intro video. Focus on explaining benefits in a compelling way and you’ll pique curiosity to fuel those all-important first sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What budget do I need for high-quality SAAS product videos?

A: You can get excellent results even on a modest budget, starting at around $500-$1000 depending on the complexity and required length of the video. Focus resources on conceptualization and creative execution over flashy production.

Q: When should we start creating launch videos in the product development timeline?

A: 3-4 months prior to launch is ideal to allow proper time for ideation, creation, feedback, and promotion.

Q: What metrics should I track to determine SAAS video success?

A: Video views, completion rate, social engagement, conversions driven, and impact on brand awareness.

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