10 Top Whiteboard Marketing Videos to Inspire Your Brand

10 Top Whiteboard Marketing Videos to Inspire Your Brand

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Over the last decade, there has been an explosion in the use of engaging whiteboard animation and video scribing to explain complex ideas and market brands. 

The simplicity of hand-drawn visuals and diagrams makes them an extremely effective way to create lasting impact and communicate clearly to an audience. 

As many startups, small businesses, and marketers realize the power of these simplified concepts and visual communication tools, we want to inspire what a stellar whiteboard marketing video entails. 

This article will highlight 10 top whiteboard explainer videos across industries showcasing companies leveraging this style successfully.

What is a Whiteboard Animation Video? 

Whiteboard animation refers to an engaging storytelling video style that utilizes simple hand-drawn visuals and diagrams to explain complex ideas, products, or services. 

An artist illustrates the story on a white background via a stop-motion video as if actively drawing the images in front of an audience. This style is rapidly gaining popularity as an exceptional visual communication and brand marketing technique.

Whiteboard explainer videos allow businesses to showcase products, demonstrate how things work, promote thought leadership, and craft impactful brand stories in a simple, yet compelling way. 

Some key advantages include – 

  • high engagement and view rates due to the entertaining, dynamic format; 
  • the ability to break down complicated details into easily understood concepts using custom illustrations specifically tailored for the brand; 
  • lower production costs compared to live video; and 
  • videos that keep the audience’s attention throughout thanks to the evolving nature of “watching” a drawing unfold. 

The unique, personal feel of whiteboard animation helps brands stand out and form an emotional connection. Simply put, these hand-drawn doodle videos foster engagement and brand recall like no other marketing content.

10 Best Whiteboard Explainer Videos

Here are some of the best examples of whiteboard explainer videos, emphasizing their unique styles and impactful elements. Each brand video is dissected, focusing on key aspects that make them effective and engaging.

1. Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola, a trailblazer in marketing, unveils its coveted strategies in a mesmerizing whiteboard animation narrated by VP Jonathan Mildenhall. This 7-minute video is a masterclass in content marketing and business tactics. 

What sets it apart is not just the insightful content but also the unique character design and seamless transitions that elevate the viewer’s experience. The animation effortlessly explains complex marketing concepts, making them accessible to a broad audience. 

While the video’s length is on the lengthier side, clocking in at 7 minutes, it manages to maintain viewer engagement through fantastic animations and valuable insights. The use of a compelling voiceover and visually appealing transitions between illustrations adds another layer of sophistication to this marketing revelation. 

For marketers and enthusiasts alike, this Coca-Cola whiteboard animation is a treasure trove of wisdom and creativity.

2. Ford

Ford’s whiteboard animation campaign is a testament to the power of brevity and engagement. With a concise duration of 15 seconds per spot, these animations deliver a simple yet impactful message: “IT’S EASY TO GET INTO A FORD.” 

The brilliance lies in the smart integration of Ford’s brand colors and the seamless blending of whiteboard-style drawings with car images. 

The hand animations, strategically placed, maintain viewer interest and curiosity, leaving them eager for more. In just a short span, Ford manages to convey a compelling narrative about the accessibility and appeal of their vehicles. 

These whiteboard animations exemplify the effectiveness of conveying a brand message succinctly while leveraging visual elements to enhance the overall experience. 

Ford effortlessly combines simplicity and engagement, making these animations a standout in the realm of automotive marketing.

3. USA Football

USA Football takes a refreshing approach to educational content with its whiteboard animation focused on fitness advice for young athletes. What makes this video unique is the directive to avoid traditional hand-drawn visuals, opting instead for a vibrant and colorful representation.

Catering to a younger audience, the video successfully utilizes a diverse color palette and captivating visuals to keep viewers engaged. 

The straightforward delivery of fitness guidance aligns seamlessly with the target demographic, ensuring that the content is both informative and relatable. 

By steering away from conventional hand-drawn methods, USA Football adds a layer of creativity to the educational aspect, making it an enjoyable viewing experience for kids. 

This whiteboard animation stands out not only for its content but also for its visually appealing and child-friendly presentation.

4. Unilever – NCCA Football

“Unilever NCAA Football” is a remarkable whiteboard animation, a collaboration between Unilever and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), as part of the Dove Men+Care campaign. 

This emotionally charged video redefines care in the context of male strength and resilience. The animation skillfully weaves real-life situations faced by men into a visually engaging narrative. 

Breaking stereotypes and highlighting the strength found in nurturing and caring for others, the video fosters empathy and understanding. 

What sets it apart is the strong voiceover, perfectly aligned with the video’s context, and the use of smooth transitions in animation, complemented by a convincing call-to-action. 

This video goes beyond typical marketing; it becomes a poignant commentary on masculinity and care, making it not only effective but also socially impactful.

5. Oxfam

Oxfam International employs the power of whiteboard animation to draw attention to the profound issues faced by women globally. 

In a succinct yet impactful video, Oxfam navigates through the history of women’s rights, shedding light on the persistent challenges and inequalities. 

The video serves as a powerful tool for generating awareness and advocacy. Despite its brevity, the content is comprehensive, covering the historical struggles of women and emphasizing that these challenges persist today. 

The simplicity of whiteboard animation adds a layer of accessibility to a serious topic, making it easier for a broad audience to grasp the gravity of the issues presented. 

Oxfam’s whiteboard animation stands out as a compelling example of using this medium not just for marketing but also for meaningful storytelling and social awareness.

6. MedVector

MedVector takes a distinctive approach with its whiteboard animation, focusing on the seamless promotion of its medical trial participant acquisition service. 

Unlike other videos with elaborate storylines, MedVector opts for a smooth and custom whiteboard animation style to convey its message directly to users. 

The video is a masterclass in explaining complex concepts with simplicity. It effectively showcases the features of MedVector’s service through engaging animations, demonstrating the ease of use for potential clients. 

What sets this video apart is its clarity in presenting information and maintaining audience engagement. 

The animations not only explain the functionality of the product but also make the process visually appealing. MedVector’s whiteboard animation serves as an exemplary marketing tool, effectively communicating the value proposition of its service to a diverse audience.

7. Law Whiz

Law Whiz successfully demystifies legal tech in this whiteboard animation, introducing software connecting barristers with solicitors. Overcoming the challenge of simplifying complex terms, the video employs detailed illustrations and relatable stories. 

The calm narration guides viewers through various situations, making it one of the best whiteboard videos for simplifying software. 

The high technicalities presented and their simplified explanations cater to a broad audience, effectively bridging the gap between intricate concepts and layman’s understanding.

This whiteboard animation stands as a testament to the power of visual storytelling in simplifying and humanizing even the most technical aspects of legal technology. 

8. LifeUp

LifeUp, an online healthcare training and coaching provider, leverages whiteboard animations to promote its services. The video seamlessly combines storytelling with captivating illustrations, presenting a visually appealing narrative. 

The minimal color palette and consistent voiceover maintain engagement, ensuring that the promotional aspect doesn’t overshadow the informative content. 

The video’s ability to strike a balance between promotional and educational content makes it an effective tool for attracting the target audience. 

The comical visuals and smooth transitions between scenes enhance the overall viewing experience, making it an engaging and informative piece in the healthcare training landscape. 

9. Cisco

Cisco’s motivational whiteboard video serves as a rallying point for its sales team, offering insights into the “WHY” behind its solution’s design. 

Lasting approximately three minutes, the video masterfully incorporates brand colors, balanced compositions, and precise hand movements. These elements contribute to its engaging nature, holding the audience’s attention throughout. 

The subtle inclusion of brand elements and motivational storytelling make this video an effective tool for inspiring and informing Cisco’s sales force. 

10. WOW Motorcycle

WOW Motorcycle’s whiteboard and B2B video is a captivating introduction to their motorcycles. The company employs a skilled artist who brings their products to life on a whiteboard, utilizing animation to convey key details in an informative and engaging manner. 

This approach not only educates potential buyers about the motorcycles’ features but also serves as a visually appealing narrative. 

The video’s effectiveness lies in its brevity (1 minute and 10 seconds), coupled with the use of real people’s thoughts, creating an engaging and cost-effective alternative to traditional live-action presentations.

What Makes These Whiteboard Explainer Videos Compelling? 

The whiteboard explainer videos above, highlighted demonstrate exceptional skill in leveraging this visual medium to craft compelling stories. 

A key ingredient that makes them impactful is their ability to simplify complex concepts into easily digestible nuggets for audiences using custom illustrations. 

For example, Coca-Cola and Cisco creatively communicate intricate ideas to employees and customers alike through engaging animations. The hand-drawn nature also adds a layer of personality and connection missing from typical corporate communications.

These videos also utilize smooth scene transitions, strategic use of color, balanced compositions, precise movements, and biting audio to capture the viewer’s attention. 

For instance, Ford’s brilliant integration of brand assets into a concise 15-second animation delivers an instant punch. 

Similarly, MedVector’s focus on showcasing product benefits through clean animations makes comprehension effortless. The rhythmic flow, personalized visuals, and concise runtime keep audiences hooked.

At their core, these whiteboard videos work because they educate and inspire. Whether creating an emotional appeal or a simplified software explainer, brands rely on custom, hand-crafted animations to foster lasting impressions.

Wrapping Up

The whiteboard explainer videos showcased reveal the versatility of this medium for brands across industries. Whether simplifying complex software, clarifying intricate services, educating audiences, or telling impactful stories, a hand-drawn doodle video delivers. 

The personalized visuals, smooth scene transitions, strategic animations, and visually appealing illustrations foster engagement and comprehension effortlessly.

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For startups looking to explain their offerings, small businesses hoping to connect with customers, or large corporations aiming to train employees – whiteboard animation is an extremely effective approach. 

The entertainment value, customization ability, and accessibility of these videos make them a worthwhile investment to stand out. With countless styles to choose from – brands can craft unique narratives that resonate with target audiences on an emotional level. 

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