Top 15 Best Animated SaaS Explainer Video Companies in 2023

Top 15 Best Animated SaaS Explainer Video Companies in 2023

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Finding the right animated explainer video company for your SaaS business can feel overwhelming. With so many options and sky-high prices, how do you know which company will truly bring your product or service to life?

The stakes are high. In just 60-90 seconds, your explainer video needs to capture attention, communicate key features and benefits, and compel viewers to take action. And they work – explainer videos can increase conversion rates by up to 20% or more! This is your chance to connect on an emotional level with potential customers. 

But if you don’t get it right, you could miss out on valuable conversions and cripple your SaaS launch. But here’s the good news: we’ve done the research for you. We’ve identified the top studios that consistently create memorable, effective explainer videos specifically for SaaS companies.

1. What A Story

What A Story

Founded in 2013, What A Story is an award-winning explainer video company based in India that has produced over 1000 animated videos to date. Their talented in-house team includes expert scriptwriters, animators, and designers who specialize in crafting compelling and easy-to-understand explainer videos.

What A Story has extensive experience working with SaaS companies to create marketing, product, and company overview videos. Some of their notable SaaS clients include Uber, ICRISAT, JustCall, and Reltio. 

For Uber, they created an engaging brand video to explain Uber’s carpooling service UberPOOL. For ICRISAT, an agricultural research organization, What A Story produced an animated video to showcase their innovative Climate Smart Village model.

One of the key strengths of What A Story is their ability to take complex concepts and simplify them through scriptwriting and animation. Their videos take a product-focused approach to clearly demonstrate how a SaaS platform works and highlight the main features and benefits. 

Their pricing starts at $1899, making them an affordable option for startups and small businesses looking for high-quality animation.

2. MotionGility


MotionGility is a specialized explainer video production company with offices in both the United States and India. With a team of over 50 expert animators, MotionGility focuses exclusively on creating effective and visually striking explainer videos for their clients.

They have extensive expertise working with SaaS companies, some examples being Freshworks, Unacademy, and BrowserStack. For Unacademy, one of India’s largest online learning platforms, MotionGility produced an upbeat and engaging explainer video to showcase the platform’s offerings for students.

Two of MotionGility’s key strengths are their skill in conceptualizing and scriptwriting, as well as optimizing videos for different platforms like social media, website, and mobile. 

Their team really takes the time to understand a client’s target audience, product offering, and goals in order to craft the right script and visuals. They are highly adept at translating complex topics into simple, compelling narratives.

3. 10 Studio

10 Studio

10 Studio is a specialized animation studio focused exclusively on creating stunning explainer videos for SaaS, e-commerce, and other tech-based businesses. 

With offices in Bangladesh and New York and a team of 30 talented animators, illustrators, and motion graphics artists, 10 Studio has established itself as one of the top explainer video production companies for SaaS.

Since its founding in 2015, 10 Studio has completed over 1500 projects and worked with 750+ satisfied clients including both small startups and large enterprises. 

Their vast experience creating product demo videos, social media ads, and website explainers for SaaS companies gives them an edge in understanding these businesses’ unique needs and challenges.

10 Studio’s technical expertise and creative storytelling skills have led to exceptional results for their SaaS clientele. For example, they created an engaging 71-second explainer video for the shipping SaaS platform Postzen which helped increase their customer conversions by 35%.

Your Message
With Animation

Transform Your Message With Animation

From start to finish, 10 Studio handles the entire explainer video process from scriptwriting to storyboarding, animation, voiceovers, and sound design. 

Their team works closely with clients to ensure the video aligns perfectly with the brand style and messaging. 10 Studio sets itself apart with affordable pricing and speedy delivery, completing most projects within 1-2 weeks.

With a client-focused approach, robust experience in the SaaS vertical, and top-notch production quality, 10 Studio has proven itself to be a premier choice for SaaS companies seeking to create memorable and effective explainer videos to engage customers and drive results.

4. TopExplainers


TopExplainers is an explainer video company dedicated specifically to working with SaaS and software companies. Their specialty is creating custom animated videos that clearly explain product features and convey benefits in a compelling, straightforward way.

TopExplainers has produced over 200 explainer videos for SaaS clients of all sizes. Their videos have helped companies including Salesforce, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP demonstrate their SaaS offerings.

TopExplainers offers a fast turnaround, with completion in 7-10 days. Their affordable pricing and 100% satisfaction guarantee also make them an appealing choice. 

With a 4.9/5 rating on Facebook and expertise honed from years of SaaS video production, TopExplainers is a great option for creating conversion-driven explainer videos tailored to SaaS products.

5. YumYum Videos

YumYum Videos

YumYum Videos has over a decade of experience crafting engaging explainer videos for both fledgling startups and established Fortune 500 companies alike. They are known for their highly innovative in-house team that handles every aspect of 2D animation videos.

What makes YumYum stand out is its focus on injecting creativity down to the smallest details – from the transitions, artwork, and visuals to the video storyline itself. They take care to bring their client’s ideas seamlessly to life through a smooth and structured process.

YumYum has produced nearly 1,000 explainer videos for diverse clients including Amazon, McKesson, FOX, Thermo Fisher, Walmart, Vodafone, and more. They specialize in serving companies in healthcare, education, financial services, information technology, marketing, and advertising.

For SaaS companies, YumYum promises to craft creative, problem-solving content that promotes their brand and product in an appealing, non-salesy way. This helps improve credibility and strengthen market positioning.

YumYum’s pricing starts at $10,000+ depending on the complexity and requirements of the animated video.

6. Wyzowl


Founded in 2011, Wyzowl is one of the world’s most experienced explainer video production companies. They have created over 3,000 animated explainer videos for 1,500+ clients across 100+ industries in 40+ countries.

Wyzowl specializes in creating short, captivating animated videos that simplify complex ideas and enhance understanding. Their expert team helps craft videos using motion graphics, 2D and 3D animation, and a range of visual styles tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Some of the key capabilities Wyzowl offers for SaaS explainer videos include simplifying technical SaaS concepts through clear and concise messaging, animations designed to resonate with target SaaS buyers, videos focused on demonstrating value and driving conversions, fast turnaround time with completion typically in 4-8 weeks, and unlimited revisions during production to get the video just right.

Wyzowl has produced videos for both small startups and huge brands like JotForm, Spotify, Venmo, and Cardinal Health. Their decade-plus of expertise animating complex ideas makes Wyzowl a top choice for SaaS companies seeking engaging, effective explainer videos.

From scripting to voiceover to polished visuals, Wyzowl’s specialized skills in animated video creation ensure SaaS companies can easily educate buyers on their products in a memorable, shareable way. Their vast experience and passion for simplifying topics through video make Wyzowl one of the leading explainer video production companies worldwide.

7. ContentBeta


As a specialized creative video and design agency, ContentBeta works with B2B SaaS brands to turn boring product documentation into appealing explainers and how-to tutorials. Their specialty lies in 2D animation and energetic motion graphics videos.

In the few years since starting out in 2020, ContentBeta has produced over 20 explainer videos, product demos, and training academy videos for SaaS startups and smaller businesses. They are particularly adept at working with limited budgets and tight timelines.

For their SaaS clients, ContentBeta focuses on creating engaging videos that demonstrate products, simplify complex concepts, and educate users in an easy-to-understand manner. This makes them ideal for early-stage startups.

ContentBeta offers affordable pricing starting at $500+ based on the complexity and length of the animated video. Their turnaround times are quick.

8. Punchy Digital Media

Punchy Digital Media

Punchy Digital Media is an animation company adept at using stunning 2D and 3D animation to explain SaaS products in an eye-catching, memorable way. Their smoothly animated videos make even the most complex SaaS concepts understandable.

Punchy has produced explainer videos for many technology and SaaS companies, including Spotify, HP, IBM, and Cisco. Their unique animated video style pairs sleek, modern graphics with crisp motion design. This captivates viewers while clearly demonstrating SaaS features and benefits.

For SaaS companies seeking polished, visually impressive animation tailored to engage their audience, Punchy Digital Media is an excellent option. Their unique expertise and technical animation abilities produce remarkable results.

9. Explain Ninja

Explain Ninja

Founded in 2013, Explain Ninja is an animation studio based in Poland that specializes in creating engaging 2D and 3D animated explainer videos for SaaS and technology companies worldwide.

With over a decade of experience, Explain Ninja produces high-quality explainers recognized for their dynamic, vibrant, and colorful motion graphics. Their videos incorporate unique animated elements tailored to each brand.

Explain Ninja offers end-to-end explainer video production services including illustration, voiceovers, music, and more. They have worked with over 30 brands across industries like crypto, finance, marketing, healthcare, and e-commerce.

The company excels at taking complex product details and simplifying them through sleek, memorable animations. Explain Ninja has created standout explainers for major tech brands like IBM, Siemens, eBay, and Amazon Web Services.

For SaaS companies seeking polished, cinema-quality animation paired with compelling storytelling, Explain Ninja is an excellent partner. Their technical expertise and creativity ensure high-impact SaaS explainer videos that excite and educate viewers

Explain Ninja’s pricing starts at $5,000 on average depending on the length and complexity of the animated video.

10. Blue Carrot

Blue Carrot

With offices in the United States and Ukraine, Blue Carrot is a full-service explainer video company that handles everything from initial concept to scriptwriting to animation and final delivery. Some of their notable SaaS clients include Takeda, Handle, and Punahou.

Blue Carrot’s expansive in-house team includes talented designers, animators, illustrators, and project managers. They have extensive expertise in the latest animation styles, including 2D animation, 3D animation, whiteboard scribbles, and motion graphics. 

One of Blue Carrot’s key strengths is its ability to optimize videos for a client’s sales funnel, turning explainer videos into effective lead generation and conversion tools.

For Takeda, a pharmaceutical company, Blue Carrot created a dynamic 2D animated video to explain the company’s complex R&D pipeline. The video served as an effective sales enablement tool for Takeda’s reps. 

For Handle, a fintech startup, Blue Carrot developed an animated video to showcase Handle’s app and features for making payments effortless.

11. BrightBulb Animations

BrightBulb Animations

BrightBulb Animations produces premium quality animated explainer videos specifically designed for SaaS companies. Their videos leverage appealing character animation, motion graphics, and talented scriptwriting to present complex SaaS products in an easy-to-grasp way.

In BrightBulb’s 500+ videos produced to date, they’ve helped companies like Slack, HubSpot, and Mailchimp create engaging, informative explainer videos tailored to introduce their SaaS solutions. 

Their deep experience with simplifying intricate SaaS concepts helps ensure viewers can easily understand your product.

BrightBulb offers end-to-end support, from script creation to animation to revisions. Their expertise makes BrightBulb Animations an exceptional choice for premium SaaS explainer video production.

12. Nibble Video

Nibble Video

Nibble Video produces lively, entertaining explainer videos designed specifically to help SaaS brands maximize conversions. Their focus goes beyond just explanation – they craft videos purpose-built to persuade.

Nibble has partnered with technology companies and B2B brands like HubSpot, MongoDB, and VMware to create videos tailored to each brand’s specific audience. Through strong visual storytelling and energetic motion graphics, Nibble videos engage viewers to understand and take action.

If you’re looking for an animated video tightly focused on boosting conversions, Nibble Video is a great choice. Their expertise in merging storytelling and animation makes their SaaS explainer videos highly effective at driving leads.

13. Vidico

With over 5 years of experience creating explainers for SaaS and e-commerce companies, Vidico is trusted by tech giants like Samsung, Spotify, and Amazon. They offer both 2D/3D animation as well as live-action video production.

Vidico provides tailored solutions for startups on a budget all the way to large enterprise brands. Their specialty includes animated product explainers, software walkthroughs, crowdfunding videos, case studies, and more for both B2B and B2C companies.

The Vidico team handles every step of the process from concept to delivery, working with talented designers, animators, producers, and directors. They have a streamlined production workflow and layers of quality control to ensure high-end results.

For SaaS brands, Vidico can craft engaging explainers to showcase products, highlight features, provide tutorials, and demonstrate value to potential customers. Vidico’s explainer video pricing starts around $5,000+ on average. Their website offers a quick quiz to get a custom estimate.

14. Creamy Animation

Known for their memorable visual style and branding, Creamy Animation is an award-winning explainer video company. They have produced videos for recognizable SaaS brands including Slack, Blockdaemon, CoPilot, and Asana.

What makes Creamy Animation stand out is their team’s ability to take complex topics and explain them in a simple, compelling way through scriptwriting and animation. 

Their animated videos are truly engaging, using a mix of lively motion graphics, clever illustrations, and eye-catching designs. Some of their most unique SaaS videos use charming cartoon characters, gaming motifs, and humorous storylines.

Creamy Animation excels at crafting videos tailored specifically for a client’s target audience and communication goals. From start to finish, they provide seamless end-to-end service, handling every phase of the animated video process expertly.

15. Demo Duck

In operation since 2011, Demo Duck offers both 2D animation and live-action video production services. They were among the first to create explainer videos and have perfected the art in over a decade of experience.

Demo Duck handles a wide spectrum – from animated explainers to commercials, internal communications, and testimonials. Their unique handcrafted animation style brings a distinctive flair.

Initially catering to startups and smaller companies, Demo Duck now produces videos for major corporations like Netflix, Google, and Dropbox. They specialize in healthcare, education, nonprofit, and corporate services.

For SaaS brands, Demo Duck can provide engaging 2D or live-action explainers to simplify complex products and win over users. Their versatility across industries is a major plus. Demo Duck’s pricing starts at around $5,000 on average depending on the requirements.

Summary – Which Explainer Video Production Company Is the Right Fit for You?

With so many stellar options, how do you select the right explainer video partner for your SaaS business? Let’s sum up everything. 

Consider the following:

  • For affordable, high-quality animation, look at 10 Studio. They specialize in explainer videos tailored for SaaS companies.
  • If you want smooth 2D animation and lively motion graphics, go with Explain Ninja. They excel at simplifying complex topics.
  • Demo Duck is a top pick if budget is not an issue and you want unique, creative animated styles that grab attention.
  • Vidico is ideal for SaaS or eCommerce brands wanting polished animation and live-action tailored to their niche.
  • On a startup budget? Check out ContentBeta for affordable animated explainers.
  • For a conversion-focused video, Nibble Video‘s engaging storytelling persuades viewers.

If you want to DIY your explainer video, our Video Script Template provides everything needed to craft effective videos yourself. Or let our team handle it hassle-free – schedule a consultation today!

Transform Your Message With Animation

Finding the Right Animated SaaS Explainer Video Partner

All 15 of these companies offer stellar animated video production services tailored specifically for SaaS products. Their experience creating engaging, informative explainer videos in this niche makes them experts at showcasing SaaS solutions through animation.

When choosing your SaaS explainer video partner, consider factors like their experience in your industry, client results, animation style preferences, storytelling abilities, pricing, and production timelines. 

Comparing these top studios can help you find the right fit to bring your unique SaaS product to life on-screen.

[Disclaimer: Note that this list is not ranked in any particular order. The numbering is arbitrary and does not indicate one studio is better than another. Don’t assume that #1 is “the best” and #15 is “the worst. All featured companies are top choices for SaaS explainer video production based on their own unique strengths and advantages.]

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