Using Animated Explainer Videos to Simplify Complex Concepts

Using Animated Explainer Videos to Simplify Complex Concepts

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A question that is likely to be on the mind of anyone new to animated explainer videos is – Does animated explainer videos simplify difficult concepts?

The short answer is – Yes. Animated explainer videos make it easy to convey a complex message while making it more engaging.

Businesses that have trouble describing the benefits of their products and services will find explainer videos to be very helpful. Explainer videos can improve lead generation, increase sales, and raise brand awareness when they are made and used properly. They also help you cut back on your marketing expenses considering other marketing strategies can be quite expensive.

What is an Animated Explainer Video?

An animated explainer video is a short-form video that concisely and clearly illustrates an idea or concept with proper details, visual aids, and context. They are frequently used for marketing, but they can be used for almost about anything. 

Animated explainer videos are the most preferred format of explainer videos. There are various types of animated explanation videos, such as: 2D & 3D animated videos, motion graphics explainer videos, whiteboard animation explainer videos, etc.

How Long Should an Animated Explainer Video Be?

Explainer videos enable you to convey a message in a matter of seconds that is far more detailed than what you could explain in a lengthy article that your audience most probably will not read. The goal is to explain a message as thoroughly and briefly as possible in little time so that the audience will respond to your call to action. Ideally, an animated explainer video should be 60-90 seconds long.

How Does Animation Simplify Complex Concepts?

The whole approach of animation is to show a visualization that could be expensive or harder to explain in a regular video. The idea is to make the content memorable, easy to understand, and less intimidating with non-verbal communication, and limitless options. Let’s break down how animation simplifies these complex concepts- 

1. Key Components

Here are some key components of animation videography that help simplify any difficult concept. They are:

  • Detail-Oriented: In animated explainer videos, intricate matters are explained with proper details which may not be possible in regular videos. For example, you want to show the audience the process of how COVID-19 variants spread. Doing that through animated demonstration in an animated videographic form would be more effective. 
  • Context: Animated explainer videos make sure the context of the videos don’t get lost in translation between language and culture. For example, Many people might find it difficult to understand an Indian physics teacher’s video lecture on quantum mechanics due to his language and mannerism. However, an animated video can easily demonstrate the exact idea to anyone without having the boundaries of language and culture.
  • Visual Aid: The ability to use custom images with matching sound creates a more engaging video giving it the visual aid needed and reduces the possibility of a viewer losing focus. That’s why animated explainer videos are highly beneficial when dealing with complex topics. 

2. Non-verbal Communication

Animated sequences do not need voiceovers because animated text and images on screen does a great job at conveying the complete concept or procedure to the audience. So, the complex topics become more understandable, accessible and memorable. 

Moreover, it’s easier for the audience to memorize difficult themes and ideas with a particular visual character and animated sequences. Thus, breaking down a topic with appealing animation helps keep the visual in the long-term memory.

3. Limitless Options

Everyone understands things differently so, there should be more options for the audience to find their preferred content. That’s exactly where the animated explainer videos come in handy.

Animated explainer videos can be created in limitless styles and themes using 2D or 3D animation, infographics, characters and what not. 

Benefits of Explainer Animated Videos 

Did you know that when businesses use animated explainer videos to explain their services, more than 80% report increased sales? Perhaps this is due to the fact that almost all customers find explainer videos useful in understanding a product or service. Let’s discover some other benefits of animated explainer videos.

Using Animated Explainer Videos to Simplify Complex Concepts

Animated Video Adds Emotion 

We are frequently led by our emotions and our emotions in most cases are derived from our visual capacity. What we see and understand, we feel more connected to it. It is also claimed that 65% of people are visual learners, and presenting information visually is more cognitively effective. 

However, traditional promotional culture is rarely emotional, and the stock photos that accompany it rarely compensate, let alone make it easy to impart meaningful information. Contrary to that, animated videos can convey information visually while appealing to the viewers’ emotions through images, music, and voiceovers.

Animated Explainer Videos Increase Website Traffic

Including an animated explainer video on your landing page can drive traffic to your website while increasing conversion rates by up to 80%.

Generally, the Internet Search Engine caters to video content. Moreover, internet crawlers or bots also capture video content more easily than written content and rank them higher on the search engine bar. Usually, buyers or viewers click on content that is high in rank in the search bar. It is an easy way to receive more traffic on your website. Thus, you can promote your service and products by adding animated videos on your website.

Animated Explainer Videos Boost Search Engine Optimization

Along with increasing website traffic, animated explainer videos also aid marketing strategies by improving SEO. Here’s how it works:

  1. An animated explainer video has the potential to generate a large number of social media shares, resulting in backlinks. Backlinks are created when one website links to another, and they are essential for achieving high SEO rankings.
  1. Rich snippets can be enhanced by embedding video explainers and other data formats on your website. These are visual representations of your page on search engines that produce more traffic than written site explanations.
  1. An animated explainer video that is successful can build your control on a topic, product, or service. Your website can become the go-to source for information, and by posting new videos daily, updates, and information, you can develop a following and improve your SEO.

Animated Explainer Videos Are Affordable 

Video marketing can be quite costly and people tend to be afraid of investing in it. However, with animated explainer videos, video marketing has become quite affordable. 

While traditionally shot videos can be costly and rigorous to make, animated explainer videos take less production-man hours and can be crafted within a short period of time. In addition to that, you also do not require expensive shooting equipment to create them as your computer is enough. 

It simply does not require anything traditional videos require like actors, catering, production, a set, etc. Hence, it can be said that animated explainer videos are not costly to make thus, resulting in less production costs for businesses. 

Final Thought 

So, there’s no denying that animation makes complex concepts or topics become less difficult to convey and grasp. Animated explainer videos can be a fantastic medium that can be customized beautifully to fit your story and used to simplify even the most difficult subjects. The simplicity, versatility, and approachability of animation in explainer videos complement business strategies and help us unravel any complex topic. Not to mention the limitations of “talking heads” in terms of time, talent, and cost are reduced with animation as well.