10 Types of Video Content You Should Know

10 Types Of Video Content You Should Know About

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In 2020, the number of digital video viewers worldwide was over 3 billion. And this figure is estimated to reach 3.5 billion by the year 2023. Online users adore watching a variety of video genres, from in-depth how-to videos to fast TikTok clips, and these video marketing statistics do not lie. More than any other kind of advertising, videos keep viewers’ attention for a longer period of time. Producing high-quality video is crucial not simply because it allows you to advertise your company in a dynamic and effective way.

We’ve done a little digging and uncovered the most watched and fruitful type of video content trending these days. Hence, take a look below for the types of video content you should be familiar with. 

1. Product Videos

Product videos are the most common and primary types of video content that businesses use to reach the masses as well as build brand trust and awareness. Nowadays, there are hardly any people that buy any product without researching through the internet or consulting with their friends. However, it might not sit right with the audience to review your own goods without being a bit partial, though. Try providing influencers with a sample, or trial, in light of this, and request their feedback in a video. A product review video would be more effective when it gives your viewers the impression that they are receiving an honest assessment from a person they like and trust. People are more reactive to product videos because it provides a concise, clear description of your product’s features. Besides, the lengthy description of the product may not be able to grab people’s attention the way a video would.

2. Explainer Videos

The main goal of explainer videos is to show viewers how your product or service may benefit them. The purpose of this format of video content is to spark the interest of the audience. An explainer video on your site or landing page can be just what you need if your company provides a service or item that isn’t easily comprehended. Some explainer videos also integrate animation to demonstrate complex things creatively. Explainer videos attract viewers right away by merging powerful narratives with relevant images and animations. Viewers get more familiar with the brand thanks to captivating images, voiceovers, and music. It’s a great substitute for lengthy blog postings. This type of video content works well across all media due to its brief length and versatility. 

3. Live Stream

Live videos are excellent for portraying your business as more accessible and strengthening your relationship with your audience. The majority of social media networks now allow users to make live-streaming videos, which are excellent for interacting with your audience in the present. For instance, Facebook lives, YouTube live, Instagram, Periscope from Twitter, Live.ly from Music.ly, and many more Live videos may be used for webinars, Q&A sessions, and corporate announcements. Real-time communication offers up a terrific avenue of connection and draws your audience closer to you. Moreover, viewers can write comments during a live stream on Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube, and those remarks will instantly appear throughout the event.

4. Vlog

Vlogging has become much more popular online, especially on YouTube, where hundreds of well-known vloggers have recently started to appear. Vlogging is mainly videos of users going about their daily lives, during which they frequently engage with viewers by speaking directly into the camera. This kind of spontaneous, and authentic video content can help marketers connect with their audience as well as increase brand awareness and credibility. However, it seems like more than brands or companies, influencers tend to be more into vlogging.

5. Testimonial Videos

In testimonials or customer product reviews, the client unveils how and why that particular company’s good or service was the best remedy for their persistent issue. The customer often provides some background information about themselves, the factors that led them to choose the product, how they utilize the product, and ultimately, what they like about the business.

Having current customers promote your company on your behalf is a terrific approach to drawing in new consumers. Potential consumers are more inclined to assume they’ll have the same experience when they see how enthusiastic and dedicated your current customers are. Besides, the written word for testimonials will not be as effective as video testimonials. 

6. Tutorial Video

We’ve all aspired to acquire a new skill at some time in our lives, like how to cut our own hair at home or solve a problem or assemble something around the house. In this kind of video content, you would see a demonstration of how to do a certain task while providing step-by-step directions. In this approach, your consumers may learn the majority of the answers to their inquiries pretty easily. Moreover, your audience will be satisfied and return for additional information if they find value in your material. Besides, rather than telling people how to do it, showing someone how to assemble something or the process of using a product is a better and more effective way to teach them. Even though an article explains the same step-by-step process, tutorial videos are frequently simpler to comprehend and follow. 

7. Event Videos

Event videos are helpful when you’re trying to build your brand’s image or reputation as they give information about an upcoming event related to your organization. This kind of video content will always be relevant. Because each event is unique, you won’t need to be concerned about old or outdated content. Even better, you may freely share the video on social media platforms like YouTube, where it will be seen by millions of people who may later turn out to be potential clients.

8. Webinar

A webinar is an online event that schedules a specific time and date, and it happens to be a lengthier interactive session with an online audience that has to get registered. They often feature an on-demand, exclusive event focused on a certain subject. Webinars are often broadcast live. However, prerecorded webinars are also quite popular. A webinar could be a useful resource for information, offering guidance on how to address specific issues with your good or service. Besides, webinars are excellent methods for increasing your company’s lead generation while also educating and empowering your audience.

9. Behind-the-Scenes Video

People love to peek behind the curtain and see the real side of a company, product, or service that’s exactly what the behind the scene video is all about. A behind-the-scenes video is a great way to get closer to your customers. Your behind-the-scenes footage can cover everything you do for your business or not just the fascinating manufacturing procedures of your product. The Behind the Scenes videos often turned out to be lengthier and more popular than the original work. Behind-the-scenes videos are an excellent way of building brand trust by showcasing your brand’s personality and company culture in a fun and raw manner. This kind of video content is excellent means of showcasing your team and highlighting your accomplishments. 

10. Social Media Videos

Social media videos may help your business establish a reputation very rapidly. These videos often cover every aspect of a person or business, from their best offerings to their motivations. Social media videos tell people about your company, what it can do for them, how it benefits the community, and much more. All of this can be done in less than five minutes, without having to go through lengthy books or articles, which take much longer. To engage the audience, you can also create a live video or publish your video in stories. Social media videos tend to be engaging, include subtitles, and be accompanied by trendy music. Companies must provide hashtags, descriptions, and tags for other brands and influencers. 

Every phase of your marketing funnel, from generating new leads to convert them into paying consumers, can be benefitted from the use of videos.

High-quality and well-thought video content is an excellent way to promote a product, communicate your vision, or interact with clients, regardless of what you’re trying to do for yourself or your business. In order to get benefitted from 

You need to have the idea to start producing videos to capture the attention of your audience and build your brand in a more dynamic way.