7 Best Product Video Examples for Marketing

7 Best Product Video Examples for Marketing

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By combining the power of tech and innovation, brands have been surprising us with new amazing promotional video content almost every day. And the most fascinating of these creations, captivating 64% of viewers worldwide, product videos are becoming one of the most popular types of promotional video content.

As 73% of customers are more likely to purchase an item after watching the product video, and more than 55% of them have made purchase decisions based on these videos, brands have been heavily investing in them. With so much at stake, it is now crucial for marketers to focus on making product videos that can stand out from the crowd to generate sales.

Publishing such product videos is not merely an advertising attempt anymore, it is a medium where a group of genius and creative minds unleash their talents to display a product or service in the most engaging and memorable way. To give you an idea, we have got a plethora of product videos that can keep you glued to the screen until the end.

What Makes a Great Product Marketing Video?

Your product video should cover more than just the product if you want it to have an impact. It should also focus on the problem, the solution, the user experience, and the bigger picture of what you’re offering. So, what are the elements that your product video should have to make them stand out? Let’s find out.

Context is Everything

Show how your product fulfills your client’s needs and improves their lives rather than merely showcasing its features. What issue is your product resolving, how does it add value to your consumer, and will your product raise their overall level of satisfaction? Aim to answer these questions with your product video. 

Show and Tell

Your video should have a distinct narrative about the product that explains everything to your viewers. Even if a product video is visually appealing and elegant, viewers won’t likely be moved to buy from you if they don’t understand what you’re offering. Demonstrate how your product works in real-life scenarios by making a video on how someone would use it.

Sharing Story

People aren’t simply interested in the product’s technical specifications when they watch a product video. Other than the specs they want to know the experience of how other customers are using the product and how it’s impacting or helping them in life. These stories will show them how a particular product or service can fit into their personal or professional lives.


Customization and personalization are crucial for your product videos. Appearance matters since your product video serve as an advertisement and a first impression of your offering. This implies that shaky and low-quality videos or photos can cause a decline in product sales.

Include a Call to Action (CTA)

In order for customers to know how and where to buy your product, there must be a clear and compelling call to action. Try including a CTA button or link that directs your viewers to the webpage where they can buy or pre-order the product.

7 of the Best Product Video Examples for Marketing

Product videos have the potential to make a lasting impression on customers. Here we have listed some of the most amazing and convincing product videos that can be used as a point of reference. 

1. Apple: The New iPad Air

Hands down, Apple has created some of the best product videos that always seem to get people’s attention. Even though Apple is a company that is highly successful with a massive fanbase, they always put in an impressive amount of effort when it comes to video marketing of their product.

They have used the product itself to demonstrate and showcase its features. The intangible features of any product are quite hard to explain, but they have aced that as well. From playing games to editing videos, they have kept all these elements in this clip. Not just that, they combine the right music with fun colors, making the video a wonderful and eye-pleasing experience for their viewers. They highlighted all the appealing and must-know characteristics so that the product remains the centerpiece of the video. 

2. Slack: Get to Market Faster

Many people have a misconception that product videos are only for presenting tangible products. But that’s far from the truth. You can also showcase services and apps in an interesting way through these product videos. And slack is one of the best examples of that. 

Slack provides consumers with a product video that gives them a visual tour of all the platform’s features, making the process more engaging and easy to grasp. The characteristics of the software are described by the narrator, and also shown in action. So you don’t have to read through a long list of features and technical characteristics of the software. Slack is much more than just a place to chat, and this video made sure the people got the message loud and clear. 

3. Nike: KD12 Shoes

Colorful product videos have often been used by many brands or companies as it increases the overall appeal of the clip. Nike strives to bring innovation and inspiration to every athlete. And this product video has successfully done that. 

Have you noticed how the color red dominates this video’s visuals? That’s because the item shown here was inspired by American professional basketball star Kevin Durant’s YouTube channel. This product video combines the shoe’s close-ups of the finer details and a summary of the key features with 360° shots to enhance visual communication. These close-up glamour shots go really well with fashion and tech products.

4. McDonald’s: Feed Your Imagination

For major corporations, 2D animated videos are becoming increasingly popular. 2D animated videos have the ability to improve the user experience when they browse the website. And McDonald’s surely made the best use of 2D animation in their new app commercial.

In this product video, McDonald’s used 2D animation to explain how to order their favorite food through their app in a very fun way. The company did a great job emphasizing its logo colors throughout the video. The film was easy to understand, original, and captivating while taking into account the wide range of client age groups.

5. Advil: Advil® Dual Action With Acetaminophen

When creating product films for marketing purposes in specialist industries like healthcare, you may have various objectives and target audiences in mind. The complexity of some of the terminology makes things even more confusing.

One way to overcome these difficulties and confusion is to clarify the complex terminology in the explanation. You can serve both experts and non-specialists simultaneously in this way. Advil describes how simply their product works and how long the effects will last in under 15 seconds, while also giving the names of the chemicals in the painkiller and explaining what their functions are.

6. Duolingo: Learn Over 30+ languages for Free

Duolingo is one of the best free language-learning apps right now. Duolingo employs gamification to keep users interested in learning new languages. And this product video has successfully done that as well. 

The simplicity of this product demo video is one of its charms. It clearly explains the app’s various functionalities while also showcasing a few other languages to appeal to a larger audience. When it comes to learning a whole new language many people might get demotivated before even getting started. So, the product video of a language app needed to be as straightforward as it could be. Only then prospective consumers may download the app and begin using it after.

7. Jeep: Grand Wagoneer and Wagoneer

Without a doubt, this product video from Jeep shines at using close-ups and 360-degree angles to highlight the characteristics of the vehicle. Not to mention the use of an expert narrator’s voice to provide details about the features and advancements of the product makes it very informative and engaging.

In this instance, two main corporate representatives explain the most crucial aspects of the car and how they may benefit you while driving it. In order to build brand authority and demonstrate dependability in your product video, having an expert describe all the product features, how they function, and why they are a part of the product is a terrific idea.

Why You Should Use Product Videos?

It has been found that consumers who view a product-related video purchase a product far more frequently than those who do not. Consequently, it is crucial to both optimize and shoot a solid product video. If necessary, start off with only a few things and make your videos straightforward. Consider your brand while also keeping in mind the value they offer to your clients. A good way to find inspiration for your next product video is to examine the work of other well-known companies.