18 Best Corporate Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Video Marketing Campaign

18 Best Corporate Video Examples to Inspire Your Next Video Marketing Campaign

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Video content has become an indispensable part of any modern marketing strategy. Well-produced corporate videos allow brands to engage audiences on a deeper, more emotional level. 

They bring company messages to life through dynamic storytelling across multiple formats like animated explainers, testimonial interviews, brand films, event recaps, and more. For businesses and organizations trying to break through the noise and connect with customers, creative and thoughtful video content is essential.  

In this article, we’ll highlight the 18 Best Corporate Videos Examples and What Makes Them So Effective

Each video featured does an excellent job aligning with the company’s overall messaging and positioning in the market. There are stellar examples of brand videos, explainers, culture films, commercial compilations, and more. Read on for creative video inspiration for your next content project.

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Why Are Corporate Videos Important?

Before diving into the examples, let’s briefly go over why corporate videos are an essential component of your marketing and communications strategy:

  • Engaging: Video is an innately engaging medium that draws viewers in and gets them to pay attention in a crowded digital landscape. A well-crafted explainer video also helps to boost sale. 
  • Emotional Connection: Unlike plain text, videos make audiences feel something through visuals, music, narrative, and more. This emotional resonance is memorable.
  • Storytelling: Corporate videos allow brands to tell their story or highlight their products/services through dynamic storytelling versus a list of features.
  • Personality: Videos can convey a company’s unique personality and voice that text alone cannot.
  • Flexible: From brief social media spots to 3-minute explainers and longer brand films, videos can take on many formats tailored to goals.
  • Accessible: Video can take complex topics, ideas, or products and simplify them for mass understanding.

The rest of this article showcases stellar examples of companies using corporate video to engage audiences and promote their brand.

Best Corporate Video Examples

1. Mailchimp: Brand Video

Mailchimp created an energetic and funky animated brand video to summarize its platform and services for small businesses. Their brand video evokes feelings of ambition and artistic spirit and makes a bold brand statement about empowering entrepreneurs. 

The quirky DIY aesthetic established through props, costumes, and set design aligns well with the brand’s identity. Stop-motion animation and playful music bring the ad to life, giving it a joyful, indie feel. 

While showcasing Mailchimp’s products and services, the focus stays on celebrating the rebellious energy of small business owners, creatively connecting that spirit with the brand.

2. Monday.com: Explainer Video

Monday.com makes visual workplace management software, and their 2-minute explainer video quickly communicates key features and capabilities. It uses energetic motion graphics, screen visuals, bring data to life and a confident voiceover to showcase the platform. 

The dynamic visual style mirrors the flexibility and collaboration enabled by their software. The video is polished, easy to follow, and designed to highlight the user value proposition crucial for any SaaS company.

3. HubSpot: Employee Interviews 

Hubspot’s “A day in the life, employee interviews” video is a prime example of compelling corporate content due to its creative and impactful storytelling, visuals, editing, and overall production quality. 

The storytelling is authentic and genuine, with employees sharing their experiences and passion for their work, which humanizes the brand and creates a connection with the audience. The visuals are high-quality, showcasing the office environment, team collaboration, and employee interactions, providing a dynamic and immersive viewing experience. 

The editing is effectively weaving together interviews and footage to create a cohesive narrative. These elements combine to make the video engaging and relatable, effectively showcasing the company’s culture and values. 

4. FullStro: Software Management Explainer Video

FullStro’s Software Management Animated Explainer Video, created by 10 Studio, demonstrates mastery in visual storytelling. The animation effectively explains the complexities of software management through captivating visuals. 

10 Studio’s attention to detail is evident in the vibrant visuals that simplify complex concepts, making the video accessible and engaging. The editing is precise, maintaining a compelling flow and ensuring that viewers remain engaged from start to finish. 

The overall production quality, a hallmark of 10 Studio’s expertise, enhances FullStro’s image, presenting it as a sophisticated and user-friendly solution in the tech landscape.

5. Dropbox: Hybrid Work Video

Dropbox created a spot showcasing remote and hybrid work solutions. The opening mixes quick cuts of their platform features with B-roll office and home footage. 

It flows nicely into a montage showing diverse workers using Dropbox’s tools intermixed with interview testimonials. 

The 3-minute video aligns well with their tagline “No Matter Where We Work” through authentic hybrid work environments. Its polished editing rhythms, simple captions, and music create an inspiring yet practical tone.

6. Loom: Animated Video

The video creation app Loom made an animated brand video to promote its platform and services. The fast-paced motion graphics showcase Loom’s ability to record quick videos for work collaboration. 

The illustration style echoes their friendly and straightforward brand image. It shows how animated corporate videos can use exaggerated visuals and characters to highlight capabilities. 

This type of video can capture the audience’s attention while relaying a lot of information.

7. InVision: Podcast Trailor Video

The Design Better Podcast Season 7 Trailer from InVision is an excellent example of effective and creative corporate video content. 

Right from the start, the trailer draws viewers in with an energetic mix of music, graphics, and footage that immediately establishes the upbeat, fast-paced style of the video. 

By combining polished editing, thoughtful visuals, and clear messaging, the trailer effectively promotes the Design Better Podcast while exemplifying the creative production values that InVision aims to highlight through its content. 

8. Spotify: 2022 Wrapped Campaign Video Compilation

Every year Spotify produces a unique Wrapped campaign recapping users’ listening data. 

The compilation video shows short teasers and social media spots building up to the full data reveal. The retro, pop art editing style with bold fonts and archival footage mirrors the nostalgic audio flashback experience of Wrapped. 

The impact comes from consistently reinventing their format each year to engage audiences. Their 2022 Wrapped creatively packaged user data and memories in a distinctive campaign worthy of its popularity.

9. Microsoft: Surface Pro 9 Launch Video

Feeling more like a movie trailer than a standard tech product video, this Surface Pro 9 launch spot is highly cinematic, with dramatic music and tension-building pro voiceover

Captivating b-roll zooms in on product details and user scenarios where the 2-in-1 PC excels for productivity. The slick production draws viewers in emotionally even as the functional benefits are clearly explained through video and captions. The style reflects Microsoft’s bold, innovative brand identity.

10. Salesforce: Brand Film

The Salesforce 20th Birthday Film creatively chronicles the company’s growth and innovations through clever editing. This brand film features Salesforce employees having candid discussions about how the company supports them in being their authentic selves. 

The interviews feel genuine and heartfelt. By spotlighting real stories from its global workforce, Salesforce humanizes its culture beyond being just a software company.

Its long-form brand video balances high-level messaging with product capabilities through sleek editing, background storytelling, and impactful visuals. The video communicates the brand’s values of progressivism and equality through emotional storytelling. 

11. Uber: Membership Explainer Video

This fast-paced montage video uses quick clips, text overlays, graphics, and music to break down the many benefits of Uber One membership. 

The brisk sequence of real footage keeps the information upbeat and easy to digest. Viewers can rapidly understand how the program enhances the Uber experience, from discounts to flexible payment. 

The 1-minute video gets across the necessary information in a casual, understandable, and enjoyable style. It’s a strong example of an animated explainer quickly clarifying a new service.

12. Google: Year in Search 2022 Video

Google’s annual “Year in Search” video compiles clips and news footage recapping major events and trends of the year. 

This retrospective weaves together a cohesive and thought-provoking narrative solely through the creative editing of real media clips. This video is impactful because it takes found footage and turns it into a moving look at collective experiences over the past year. 

The pacing, strong storyboard, chapter titles, and chosen clips heighten the emotion behind the static search data. Music swells are paired with emotional topics, while fun facts provide uplifting moments. The video feels cinematic despite simply animating search trends.

13. Facebook: Meta Quest Pro Launch Promo

Facebook released a polished promo video to announce their new Meta Quest 3 virtual reality headset. The fast-paced 1-minute spot combines dynamic edits of the headset and controllers with mixed reality footage. 

Upbeat music propels it along with a serious yet energizing tonal voiceover. Strong graphic titles help anchor each segment explaining capabilities. Overall it successfully hypes up the new product reveal with cinematic flair and structured messaging.

14. Slack: Imaginative Video

Slack’s imaginative 1-minute corporate video exemplifies high-quality branding content. Using playful CGI animations, it depicts a bustling office of animals conducting efficient collaboration through Slack messaging. 

The polished Disney-esque visuals could easily be mistaken for a big-budget animated film. By showcasing Slack’s capabilities through charming character interactions, the video promotes the platform’s strengths – streamlined communication, better productivity, and an engaging user experience. 

With 16 million YouTube views, the creative execution helped establish Slack’s vibrant brand personality. For companies aiming to showcase their solutions, these video models invest in polished visual storytelling to captivate audiences.

15. PandaDoc: Case Study Video

PandaDoc showcases a creative way to turn a partnership story into an entertaining, educational video. 

Paired with engaging narration and experience sharing illustrate the step-by-step process that led to a positive outcome of the partnership with PandaDoc. 

Instead of a boring explainer, the “fable”-style case study makes learning about the product benefits more memorable and fun, making the brand more reliable for others. 

16. Parker Hannifin Corporation: Dramatic Corporate Video

Parker Hannifin has released a dramatic video showcasing its new motion systems group, which combines hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical technologies. 

The video features a theatrical voiceover and visually striking motion graphics to position Parker Hannifin as an industry pioneer. Sweeping shots and futuristic CGI concepts, such as flying vehicles, highlight their cutting-edge innovations across diverse sectors. 

The trailer-like style of the video generates excitement and positions the company as a leader in motion and control. For brands in pioneering fields, this video serves as a model for using high-quality visuals and thrilling narratives to convey leadership. 

Parker Hannifin effectively showcases its technological capabilities and future vision, stimulating awe among viewers.

17. Zappos: Company Culture

The company Zappos spotlighted their unique culture through an extended behind-the-scenes office tour video. It showcases little moments with employees, funny outtakes, and their open workspace environment. 

The casual video has a vlog-like feel from walking through the office capturing authentic interactions and happenings. While produced, the laidback style reinforces their branding around team, inclusion, and delivering happiness.

This is a perfect example of what can you do for your next project by showcasing your workplace and employees, and how they do all the things. That definitely will be perfect to introduce your company culture.

18. Krater.AI’s Tools Explainer Animated Video

Lastly, Krater.AI’s Tools Explainer Animated Video, a product of 10 Studio‘s creative prowess, excels in visual storytelling. The studio’s adept use of graphics simplifies tool functionalities, enhancing viewer comprehension. 

Editing precision ensures a smooth flow, holding the audience’s attention from introduction to conclusion. 10 Studio’s dedication to elevating overall production quality reinforces Krater.AI’s reputation for innovative, user-friendly tools in this compelling video presentation. This animated explainer video that not only informative but also captivate the audience with visual finesse.

Find Inspiration for Your Next Video

This selection of some of the most creative, effective, and inspiring Corporate Video Examples demonstrates the vast potential of video content for connecting brands with audiences in memorable and compelling ways. 

Whether aiming for an emotional, humanizing approach or an informative yet entertaining style, let these diverse examples spark ideas on how to tell powerful stories and convey messaging through stellar video production. 

Consider which formats and storytelling techniques make the most sense for your next video given your brand identity, audience, and goals. Use these examples of compelling visual storytelling as inspiration when planning your next video project!

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Q: How Do You Make a Professional Corporate Video?

A: To make a professional corporate video, start by defining your goals and target audience, then create a compelling script, use high-quality equipment, and pay attention to lighting, sound, and editing.

Q: What Is the Key Message of a Corporate Video?

The key message of a corporate video should be focused on communicating the company’s values, mission, and unique selling points while engaging and resonating with the audience.

Q: What Should I Put in a Company Video?

A: In a company video, include a clear introduction to the company, its products or services, testimonials, success stories, and a strong call to action. It should also showcase the company’s culture, team, and achievements.

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