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Why Do You Need a Product Demo Video? Benefits of Product Demo Videos

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There is a famous phrase in the marketing world: people buy with their eyes. If your target audience cannot see the functions and value of your offering with a crystal clear view, they simply won’t spend money on it. And to showcase your product or service, there is no better alternative than a compelling product demo video. 

Marketers worldwide have already realized the potential of a well-made product demo video. The chance of making a sale can be enhanced by 73% with the help of a video. Moreover, product demonstration videos are more positively received by 87% of Gen Z. More than half of all customers from a variety of age groups make their purchase decision based on videos. 

But why are these stats so high? What makes product demo videos so compelling to potential clients and successful marketers? Sit tight. We are going to dive into the wonders of product demo videos for driving sales. 

What Is A Product Demo Video?

The primary purpose of a product demo video is to familiarize your product with your target audience. These videos typically demonstrate a product’s features and how to use it. From using minimalistic animations to unboxing by an expert, there are numerous ways to create a product demo video. These videos guide your target customers via a virtual experience of using your product or service.

Product demonstration videos do not only work as a promotional tool; they also act as instruction manuals and employee training materials. Therefore, a professionally made, information-rich, and engaging product demo video can serve both your customers and your own business.

Why Do You Need A Product Demo Video?

When created and executed right, a product demo video offers a ton of benefits. Below, we have discussed some of the key advantages of using product demos as a marketing tool.

Product Demo Videos
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Demonstrates Key Features

As we have mentioned earlier, the primary goal of a product demo video is to explain the features and uses of the product. The video shows how the buyers can expect the product to function and behave and what problems it solves. Consequently, your target market gets thoroughly introduced to your product and can envision themselves using it. That perspective can drive your sales sky-high.

This is specifically important for innovative or new products. If your product is too complex for a typical person to understand, then the potential customer might simply avoid it. A product demo video that explains everything using simple, easy-to-understand terms can bring more customers on board. A well-made product demo video can boost the acceptance rate of your new innovative creation, grabbing more of the market share in less time.

Brings In More Customers

We have already shown you the stats. With the growing popularity of short clips and information-rich content, there has been no better time than now to use product demo videos. As you can reach a wider audience with such videos, the possibility of bringing in more customers also becomes exceptionally high.

In today’s information-driven world, buyers research and compare options more thoroughly than they used to do before. However, they are not eager to spend much time in it. The challenge here is to provide your target market with the most information in the least amount of time to grab their interest. Product demo videos help you create this vital balance. 

Builds Trust

Both the global and national marketplaces are now crowded with gimmicky, flashy, and poorly-crafted products. Since these products cannot deliver what they initially advertise, consumers have become more cautious and suspicious of all types of marketing claims. To reach them effectively, you will need to gain their trust and go beyond their expectations.

Here is why product demo videos are crucial for any promotional effort: 

  • They help potential customers see what your product can deliver with their own eyes. 
  • If the demo video features a trusted face with immense credibility, then the trust in your product will also be magnified. 
  • The more thoroughly you exhibit the features and functions of the product, the more familiar people will become with your offering. 
  • It helps you not only to make more sales but also to build a strong brand reputation, which is an invaluable asset.

Access To Analytics

Your product demo video can also give you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of your product or service design. While the user comments can give you an overview of how your target market is responding to your products, the analytics can provide you with even more sophisticated data.

After publishing a video on any online platform, you will have access to some instrumental data. These analytics offer you information such as the audience’s demographics, how long they are watching it, what part is being watched the most, and when they stop watching the video.

After analyzing the data, you will realize what part of the video is attracting more viewers. What feature or function is being explained there? That one feature may be one of the best aspects of your product. Similarly, are the viewers stopping to watch the video at some particular point? What is being shown there? The featured characteristic, function, or even the delivery right at that moment might be at fault here. 

With all this information, you can take corrective actions to either fix your product or the video itself. Moreover, by carefully analyzing these data, you can precisely map your current and potential consumers, their behavior, needs, preferences, and buying patterns. 

Saves Your Time And Money

Of course, you will have to spend a minimum amount of money to create a product demo video that will eventually increase your overall sales volume. But in the grander scheme of things, the expense of making a demo video is almost nothing compared to hiring and compensating sales representatives, who are traditionally the ones responsible for showcasing your product. By creating and publishing product demo videos of decent quality, you can save a large chunk of your human resource budget.

Additionally, since sharing videos does not take more than a few clicks, it is the fastest way to reach a potential customer. It is also convenient for your audience as they can check it out whenever they want. This convenience and time flexibility are especially beneficial for B2B service or product demonstrations.

Offers More Engagement

You can mesmerize your target audience significantly faster with a video rather than with long strings of words. And a well-made product demo video can engage more with the audience than a generic promo video. If you can get some professional creative minds to make your demo video for you, the added flare will make the whole product more alluring. Information-rich content presented with a creative touch equals your target audience’s undivided attention.

You want this engagement because, as we have mentioned, the possibility of an engaged viewer turning into a customer is extraordinarily high. Moreover, a promo video, unless made remarkably well by a highly regarded brand, often becomes forgotten by the viewer. Since demo videos allow the viewers to experience the product in a way, them feel more connected to it. Some producers even make fantastic use of AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) to enhance this experience and connection.

Wrapping Up

The strength of your marketing strategy depends on your ability to catch up with the fast-changing environment and demand of the customer. Product demo videos are not merely some trend to follow; they are the means to show your integrity, your commitment to providing the best value, and earning your target market’s trust and respect. Play with the elements, throw in some creativity, sprinkle some humor, and, most importantly, have fun while demonstrating your products on camera!