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Client increased customer acquisition rate by  50% within just 30 days with $7k investment in 10.Studio’s animated explainer video


Stanna is the funder of an app-developing company located in South California. His company’s monthly turnover is $200 million. Till now they have created more than 2000 apps for several companies belonging to different industries.

His Approach

Recently his team created an app for France based e-commerce platform. Recently, his team has created an app for a France-based e-commerce platform. This app provides many features and services to help users to make their shopping easier and more convenient. With this app, users can easily browse through a variety of products and services, compare prices, get notifications about upcoming offers, and make payments securely. So, they wanted something that would draw the attention of their target audience and present the information in an engaging way. As a result, they contacted 10.Studio.

His Need

They ordered 3pc of animated explainer video focusing on how people can utilize the platform to do freelance work and earn an income.

Our Solution

We created animated explainer videos for them within a short time period and they absolutely loved the idea. After the video was completed, they immediately embedded it into their portfolio, which resulted in an influx of new customers looking to build apps with them. As a result of this, their client acquisition rate increased by an impressive 50%, proving that our videos had made all the difference.

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