Case Studies

Learn how 10. Studio’s Client cut the operational cost by 10% and training cost by 50% with the help of animated explainer videos


Stella approached us in January 2022 with the aim to outsource animated explainer videos for their industrial machinery. She purchased 20 explainer videos from us. She is the co-founder of an industrial automation solution-providing company. Since its inception, it has supplied more than 20,000pc of machinery to local companies.

Her Approach

With over 7 years of working in the automation industry, her team realized that With the growing number of components and machinery used in businesses and organizations, training employees and clients requires a significant amount of time, resources and specialized personnel.

Animated explainer videos could be a better alternative to train both employees and clients. Videos can be used to explain the features and functions of the machinery and instructions on how to use them. They can also be used to explain safety measures that must be taken when operating the machines. These videos can be produced in-house or outsourced from a professional video production company.

Their Need

They needed 20 tutorial videos that provide in detail instructions about how to operate the machines efficiently and effectively.

Target Audience Pinpoint

Her business is serving as an industrial automation supplier, and providing the highest quality training requires skilled professionals. Conducting training sessions is time-consuming and costly for professors.

Our Solution

10. Studio created animated explainer videos for each of their machines focusing on the interface, instructions, and uses of the machine. These videos were embedded on their website, allowing customers to quickly and easily scan a QR code of the machine and be taken directly to the video. By watching the video, customers and employees can quickly learn the techniques without the need for specialized help. This in turn led to a 50% reduction in training costs and a 10% reduction in operational costs, making explainer videos an invaluable resource for their business.

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