How to Make a Great Testimonial Video With 10 Best Examples

How to Make a Great Testimonial Video With 10 Best Examples

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When you want to persuade your audience to act, video marketing is the way to go. While various types of videos will be helpful in this context, many businesses employ customer testimonials because they enforce authenticity and increase sales. There’s a reason why people look up reviews before buying a product or subscribing to a service. What better approach can you take to convince a potential customer than video evaluations from previous clients?

How to Make Testimonial Videos?

When it comes to generating sales and gaining new customers, testimonial videos work like a charm. Especially for companies that are relatively new can vastly benefit from this kind of video. That’s because customers tend to be a bit skeptical when purchasing from a newly-formed brand. So, testimonial videos can be an effective way to assure your customers. The audience can easily relate to these types of videos as they come across as more authentic to them. However, as effective as they are, making these testimonial videos can be a challenge as well. So, let’s take a look at how to make a high-quality testimonial video. 


Nobody wants to see a heavily edited video review where an actor reads off a script. It will only seem fake. Since testimonials are meant to validate your business, fabricating them might have a negative impact on how others see you. Real customers with real experience will seem more genuine and natural. Although the purpose of a video testimonial is to highlight your product, the customer is still the star. You should urge the customer to provide a detailed review of the item while also showing the customer’s journey. 

Prepare a Questionnaire

Testimonial videos are more like interviews. And to conduct a successful interview, you have to prepare a questionnaire. From fundamental features to price ranges, create a thorough questionnaire that covers all the important topics that a potential seller may want to know about. Likewise, informing the interviewee of the same will make them more expressive. Thus, if you want to get the appropriate response from your customers, you need to ask them the right kind of questions. 

Focus on Specifics

The video should outline the particular reasons why a customer should select you over your rivals and how your service is superior to theirs. Your testimonial video should aim to clarify any doubt your potential customer may have regarding your product or services. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and make a list of the questions that need to be answered. Use this as a guide to help you decide what to cover in your video.

Top 10 Testimonial Video Examples 

Here, we have chosen 10 amazing videos to serve as examples of what a successful testimonial video should look like. 

1. Fulfillment by Amazon

When Amazon launched its “Fulfillment” services, it decided to promote it by presenting several success stories of sellers who have used their program and have vastly benefitted from it. In testimonials videos, while playing into people’s emotions is crucial, it’s also necessary to bring out the logical side of your product or services. That’s exactly what Amazon did. Here, the system’s operation is briefly explained by the sellers, who also discuss their intriguing path to higher sales. 

2. Tommy Nicholas for Codecademy

Speaking of powerful product testimonial videos, the life story of Tommy Nicholas for Codecademy will definitely inspire you. In this video, a young and aspiring programmer shares his journey of how Codecademy helped him achieve his goal. They did a very good job of conveying very specific details about their services. Hence, the video came across as one of the most genuine testimonial videos to watch. 

3. American Express and Tradeshift Client Testimonial Video 

Although testimonial videos are not too different from an interview, you can add other elements too. The Tradeshift Client Testimonial Video from American Express is a perfect example of that. In this testimonial, they have managed to combine an ad with an explainer video. The first part of the video describes how reliable and simple their system is, and the second part of the video shows an interview with one of American Express’s partners. This a wonderful example that describes both the features of the offering while also providing the customer valuable insight into the user experience.

4. Hootsuite Review

A well-known social media management company, Hootsuite, used an interview approach to get feedback from its customers, which resulted in a very potent customer testimonial film. In this video, they interviewed members at Wiley Publishing, where the team members gave their honest opinions of Hootsuite’s services. This testimonial feels very candid and portrays the different opinions in a practical manner. 

5. So Yeah, We Tried Slack 

Slack has taken the humorous approach and made a killer testimonial video out of it. The quirkiness of the interview aligns so well with their marketing strategy. Sandwich Video Inc. described how they used to manage projects using several channels, such as email, Dropbox, and WhatsApp, before migrating to Slack. The mention of the meeting being taken place in a utility closet was especially hilarious. This before and after the result of using Slack is a great way to show people how Slack changed the way the team communicates. With great storytelling, they managed to illustrate Slack’s functionality and how seamlessly it integrates with other frequently used software.

6. Zoom: Box Customer Testimonial

This Box Customer Testimonial for Zoom is fresh and exciting to watch. The box is a provider of cloud-based content management services. In the testimonial, Box employees take turns describing how and where they utilize Zoom and how it improves their ability to communicate. This testimonial serves as a fantastic use case for Zoom. The participants in the video converse with each other directly, which adds emotional resonance for the audience despite the video’s simplicity and aesthetic appeal.

7. HubSpot Customer Success Story

HubSpot managed to create one of the best video testimonials for business. Curran, the founder of the event production firm “Endless Events,” describes how HubSpot was crucial to their success in the testimonial. In this video, his sentiments are so genuine and enthusiastic that viewers would be driven to work with HubSpot in order to experience comparable benefits. Besides, it flawlessly switches between footage of the product in use and interviews with the co-founders discussing how HubSpot helped them expand their businesses. 

8. FreshBooks Customer Testimonial

Focusing on one consumer and letting them share their experience about your product in detail can make a strong impact, and that’s exactly what FreshBooks did with its testimonial video. The user explained how the system handled her accounting tasks, such as estimation, billing, invoicing, etc, so she could concentrate on more important aspects of her business. Simple and direct video testimonials are quite popular since they radiate honesty.

9. Dropbox Customer Stories

Dropbox came up with the idea of collecting a range of stories from their pool of happy customers from different industries and combining them into one video. And this worked like a charm. At least five businesses of varying sizes and sectors are represented in this video. In the testimonial Dropbox’s facilitation of smooth operations scaling, sharing, and collaboration was very clearly portrayed. They also included well-known businesses that utilize Dropbox, like National Geographic, Kayak, Spotify, and Foursquare, to further enhance its authenticity. 

10. Yum Yum Videos’ Testimonial 

Along with customer experience, company testimonials need to be visually powerful, and that’s where Yum Yum Videos put the most emphasis. Although they didn’t show themselves asking the questions, they did incorporate screens with text and branded colors, in order to establish a set sequence for the video. This struck an engaging conversation with the clients and let them talk freely about their experience with the Yum Yum Videos team.

Key Takeaway 

The quality of your testimonial videos reflects the standard of your goods and services, hence, these videos are kept as natural as possible. It should not feel scripted and make sure to give your participant enough time to prepare for the interview. Your testimonial video should emphasize your client’s pain points and highlight how you solved them. Moreover, hiring a professional video company to create your testimonial videos can be a game changer.