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10 Cartoon Style Ads Redefining Digital Engagement

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Animated videos have been a key element of marketing for over a hundred years. Fast forward to the present day, and animated cartoons have evolved into powerful tools for advertising. 

FYI, many brands focus on incorporating cartoon-style animation and video as part of their advertising strategy because cartoon-style animations are more meaningful and engaging. From big names like Lego, Juni Learning, and Cadbury to new-age retail brands – cartoons are definitely having their pop-culture moment. But why are cartoon-style ads all the rage?

That’s what we aim to uncover in this article as we explore this fun, engaging, and wildly creative format of video advertising. We’ll showcase some of the best examples of brands using cartoon ads, analyze what makes them so effective, look at some key types of animated videos, discuss when you should use this style of video ad, and the core benefits it offers. 

By the end, you’ll see why animation and cartoons allow for endless possibilities in capturing attention and telling visual stories. So let’s dive into the colorful world of cartoon video ads!

What Are Cartoon Style Advertisements?

Cartoon Style Advertisements, a dynamic form of visual storytelling, infuse a playful and animated touch into advertising strategies. These ads employ colorful, exaggerated characters and vibrant backgrounds, often drawing inspiration from traditional animation styles. 

The goal is to captivate the audience’s attention through a blend of humor, creativity, and relatability. Cartoon Style Ads are versatile, appealing to diverse demographics, and they break through the clutter by offering a unique and memorable visual experience. 

This form of advertising transcends language barriers, making it a universal medium that can convey messages effectively in a lighthearted and entertaining manner.

Types of Cartoon Style Animated Advertisement Videos?

When considering cartoon-style ads, there are a few popular genres of animated videos commonly used:

2D Animation

This traditional style uses two-dimensional hand drawings, vector graphics, and visual effects to create vibrant and dynamic sequences. 2D allows for bold shapes, colors, and custom characters that can capture attention quickly. Brands like Duolingo and Airbnb leverage 2D beautifully.

3D Animation

If you want to showcase products, environments, or complex interactions, 3D animation adds that depth and dimension. It makes objects and spaces seem ultra-realistic, with the ability for full 360 views. Using 3D CAD models, textures, lighting, and visual effects helps craft immersive visual stories.

Motion Graphics

For informative and text-heavy concepts, motion graphics kick things up a notch. Kinetic typography with animated text along with vector shapes/icons helps break down complex ideas clearly. Infographics also come to life using scale, movement, and transitions.

There are a few other emerging styles like whiteboard animation, stop motion, and more based on needs. But most cartoon ads today leverage a mix of modern 2D, 3D,  and motion graphics for maximum creativity and impact!

10 Best Examples Of Animated Cartoon Style Ads

1. Coca Cola

In Coca-Cola’s innovative marketing strategy, brand recognition takes center stage, emphasizing the iconic status of the beverage. Rather than focusing on introducing new products, Coca-Cola utilizes a dynamic blend of real-life actors and cartoons to weave compelling narratives. The essence lies in leveraging storytelling through animation, adding significant value to the already well-established product. 

By seamlessly integrating animation with live-action elements, Coca-Cola creates a visually engaging experience that resonates with audiences. These cartoon-style ads serve as a powerful tool, reinforcing brand recognition and ensuring that when consumers think of a refreshing beverage, it’s Coca-Cola that comes to mind. 

This approach not only maintains the brand’s prominence but also establishes a unique and memorable connection with consumers through the artful fusion of animation and real-world storytelling.

2. Toyota

Toyota’s marketing prowess takes a captivating turn with their promotional video, “Stories for Better,” designed for the prestigious Paris Motor Show. Steering away from the conventional approach of showcasing a single-car model, Toyota adopts a unique narrative strategy that delves into the essence of their entire vehicle lineup. 

Using intricate paper models and visionary brand messaging, the video not only emphasizes the excellence of each vehicle but weaves a compelling story around the brand as a whole.

The storytelling unfolds as a commitment to excellence, intricately connecting with the audience on a deeper level than the typical sales-oriented car commercial. 

Toyota’s focus on value becomes apparent as the video transcends the boundaries of a mere promotional tool and transforms into a brand narrative. The innovative use of paper models adds a visually stunning dimension, creating a distinctive and memorable viewing experience.

At the Paris Motor Show, Toyota strategically features this captivating video on a large LED screen at their booth, aiming to engage the 1,000,000+ attendees. 

By choosing a holistic storytelling approach, Toyota not only showcases their suite of vehicles but also reinforces its brand promise, leaving a lasting impression on the diverse audience gathered at one of the world’s premier automotive events.

3. Laird Superfood

Laird Superfoods, known for its plant-based products, employs a lively cartoon style that resonates with the health-conscious, active consumer. 

The tropical-themed video, featuring surfing and workouts amidst island imagery, perfectly aligns with their target audience. A strategic voice-over from a chef adds credibility, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to quality. 

Laird’s brief yet impactful ad communicates essential product information, emphasizing protein for recovery and the use of tropical fruits. This calculated approach not only captivates with its vibrant visuals but also legitimizes the brand, boosting consumer confidence. 

In under 80 seconds, Laird Superfoods successfully blends island vibes, health consciousness, and culinary expertise to create an engaging and informative cartoon-style advertisement.

4. Wimbledon

The Wimbledon animated ad transcends tennis history, doubling as a celebration of evolving video styles. Deviating from the norm, it boldly omits a voiceover, typically a vital tool in ads. This risky move, however, proves rewarding. 

The absence of spoken narrative allows the ad to thrive on a powerful music-only backdrop, creating an electrifying, goosebumps-inducing energy that defies expectations.

In paying homage to tennis icons and the pursuit of greatness, the ad becomes more than a mere promotional piece. It transforms into a visual and auditory experience, resonating emotionally with the audience. 

By forgoing verbal cues, the animated scenes and emotive musical score take center stage, crafting a compelling cinematic journey. This departure from convention not only distinguishes the ad but also underscores the notion that innovation in advertising can emerge from intentional omissions of traditional elements. 

The Wimbledon ad stands as a testament to the potency of creativity and risk-taking in captivating viewers.

5. Juni Learning

Juni Learning strategically employs cartoon-style commercials to drive engagement and effectively convey its educational message to a discerning audience of concerned parents. By seamlessly blending a captivating script, dynamic imagery, and an optimal pace, Juni ensures viewer interest from start to finish, culminating in a compelling call to action. 

Targeting educated parents invested in their child’s education, the video skillfully addresses a prevalent problem in the public school system, offering Juni’s video learning platform as a viable solution.

The cartoon format proves ideal for Juni’s product and demographic, infusing an element of fun and enjoyment into the educational service. With a fast-paced narrative structure, the video adeptly introduces a problem, presents a solution, and issues a call to action, effectively captivating the viewer within the crucial first 30 seconds. 

The use of vibrant colors and imagery tailored to the demographic enhances the visual appeal, ensuring Juni’s message resonates with its target audience. Through a bold opening line, Juni establishes a strong hook within the initial 5 seconds, setting the stage for an engaging and impactful promotional campaign

6. Duolingo

Duolingo, a language-learning platform, masterfully harnesses the boundless creativity of cartoon ads to showcase its global impact in just 30 seconds. Unconstrained by limitations, the ad takes viewers on a whirlwind journey around the world, skillfully guided by a charming mascot and the ubiquitous smartphone. 

The genius lies in using cartoon imagery to encapsulate the exhilarating essence of travel, effectively conveying Duolingo’s unique value proposition. 

Rather than explaining its language-learning functionalities, Duolingo opts for a strategic approach, focusing on the app’s ability to broaden horizons, explore new places, indulge in exotic cuisine, and connect with diverse people.

The video epitomizes thinking outside the box, with the clever incorporation of the phone in various scenes. Duolingo adeptly relies on the power of fewer words and more compelling images, letting the visuals speak volumes. 

By emphasizing the experience of using the product over its technicalities, Duolingo creates an engaging narrative that resonates with audiences, making language learning an exciting and accessible adventure.

7. Cadbury Chocolate

Cadbury Chocolate masterfully employs cartoon-style advertisements to weave a compelling narrative, showcasing a unique collaboration with Oreo in a manner reminiscent of an American romantic comedy montage. The use of minimal voiceover doesn’t hinder the storytelling; instead, it enhances the visual experience. 

The animation breathes life into individual pieces of candy, infusing them with emotion and personality that resonates with viewers. Through skillful storytelling, the ad achieves its primary objective – igniting the viewer’s desire to indulge in the innovative Cadbury chocolate creation.

What sets this campaign apart is the deliberate choice to rely on music and sound effects over voiceover, creating a sensory-rich experience. 

By leveraging the power of animation, emotional connection, and a strategic musical backdrop, Cadbury Chocolate’s cartoon-style ad successfully introduces a new product collaboration, leaving a lasting impression on the audience and enticing them to savor the delectable innovation.

8. Airbnb

Airbnb’s ‘Should I Airbnb’ campaign ingeniously employs cartoon-style videos to bridge the gap between the common perception of a vacation rental platform and the nuanced, intuitive experience it offers. By leveraging animation, the campaign effectively communicates lesser-known features like verified accounts, trip reviews, and direct host communication.

The video unfolds as a visual narrative, integrating the user interface seamlessly into character scenes. This allows graphic artists to showcase the consumer experience and real-life locations, creating a vibrant and relatable depiction of the Airbnb renting process. 

The use of animated text in the introduction and conclusion serves to emphasize branding, leaving a lasting impression.

Furthermore, the campaign adopts a multi-voice approach, incorporating various perspectives to address common concerns. This not only adds authenticity but also highlights how Airbnb’s platform that adeptly solves potential problems. 

Through this strategic blend of animation techniques, the ‘Should I Airbnb’ campaign not only informs but captivates its audience, showcasing the platform’s user-friendly features and reinforcing its position as a trusted and intuitive vacation rental choice.

9. Apple

In response to concerns surrounding excessive screen time, Apple strategically reinforced its brand identity through a compelling cartoon-style ad. The focus of the video was on Apple’s initiative to integrate mindfulness features into their Health app. 

The animated narrative delivered a concise yet impactful story, advocating the transformative influence of incorporating moments of stillness into one’s daily routine. 

Beyond showcasing the functionality of the new app feature, the advertisement served as a proactive public relations effort for Apple, aligning the tech giant with the broader narrative of a balanced and mindful lifestyle. 

This cartoon-style ad not only effectively communicated the benefits of the Health app but also solidified Apple’s reputation as leaders in seamlessly integrating technology with holistic well-being.

10. Heinz Beanz

Heinz Beanz revolutionizes food advertising with a captivating cartoon style ad that transforms a simple product into a heartwarming narrative. This animated gem, surpassing the conventional time limits at over 3 minutes, focuses on endearing characters rather than the beans themselves. 

Breaking free from the typical 30s or 60s format, Heinz leverages the extended timeframe to craft a character-driven story that immerses viewers in a tale of familial connection and shared passion.

The brilliance lies in Heinz’s use of characters to forge a deep emotional bond with the audience. By going beyond the product’s features, the ad emphasizes the feelings and connections associated with enjoying Heinz Beanz. This innovative approach not only promotes beans but also resonates on a relatable level. 

Heinz demonstrates that cartoon-style ads, when strategically executed, can transcend traditional norms, creating a lasting impact by focusing on emotions and connections rather than mere product attributes.

Why & When Should You Use Animated Cartoon Style Ads

The biggest question is – why choose cartoon animation over live-action videos? There are a few compelling reasons:

Visual Storytelling Power

Animation allows for worlds, characters and narratives that capture attention quickly. Within seconds, you can set up stories to inform, educate and inspire audiences on an emotional level. For example, Heinz Beanz uses a character obsessed with beans to craft a humorous as well introduce new products.

Demonstrating Innovation

Cartoons allow your imagination run wild to demonstrate products seamlessly. Complex mechanics like Matchbox showcasing their circular supply chain would be expensive with actual footage. But animation makes demonstrating innovation cost-efficient.

Increase Engagement

Animation for marketing sees much higher engagement metrics like 2-3x more comments and shares. Bright colors, relatable characters and humor allows consumers to connect better with brands like Juni Learning or Airbnb that use these techniques.

So when should you invest in cartoon-style advertisement videos? Typically for brands with forward-thinking products or services that need an innovative showcase, or for mass-reach campaigns across digital channels requiring captivating video assets that standout. 

Their versatility makes them perfect for social media ads, TV spots, YouTube bumper ads, landing pages and beyond.

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Wrapping Up

Cartoon style ads clearly offer immense creative potential for brands to connect with audiences. As we saw from market leaders like Coca-Cola to challenger brands like Laird Superfood and Juni Learning – animation allows for memorable storytelling, effective product showcases and increased engagement across channels.

While producing quality animated ads needs investment, the high returns make it worthwhile for incremental marketing budgets. We hope the examples and tips in this article will inspire you to take a chance on cartoon video advertisements. 

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