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10 Best Motion Graphics Video Examples for Your Brand

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Ever watched a video that made you go, “Wow, that’s cool!”?

Well, that’s the magic of motion graphics. Imagine a picture coming to life, telling stories in a way that grabs your attention. That’s exactly what we are diving into – the world of motion graphics and how they are like the superheroes of brand storytelling. 

In this article, we’ll explore 10 amazing examples from different brands. From big names you already know to hidden gems you might discover, get ready for a journey through visual storytelling that not only looks awesome but also helps brands connect with you in the coolest ways. 

Let’s jump in! 

Transform Your Message With Animation

What Are Motion Graphics and Why Are They Awesome for Brands?

Motion graphics are like the rock stars of the visual world. They’re those moving pictures you see in videos, on websites, and even in ads. Think of it as a fancy way of making pictures tell a story – they dance, they twirl, and they grab your attention.

Now, you might wonder why brands love them? It’s simple –  they bring stories to life!  Imagine a brand trying to tell you about their cool new sneakers. Instead of just showing you pictures, they use motion graphics. Suddenly, you see those sneakers leaping and doing tricks. It’s not just a shoe; it’s a whole experience.

But wait, there’s more. Motion graphics are attention-grabbers. In a world where everyone’s scrolling past a million things, these moving visuals stand out. They make you stop and go, “Hey, what’s happening here?” 

That’s the secret sauce – making you notice, making you remember. So, for brands, it’s not just about saying things; it’s about showing them in a way that makes you feel, connect, and remember. That’s why motion graphics are the cool kids in the storytelling gang. They make brands unforgettable. Cool, right?

Best Motion Graphics Video Examples

Here are some of our favorite animated motion graphics video examples that will surely give you creative inspiration. Have a look at them. 

1. Pepperfry 

Pepperfry, India’s go-to furniture and home decor online marketplace, has nailed the art of showcasing its offerings through a stellar motion graphics animation video. This visual treat takes you on a journey, illustrating the transformation of raw materials into the exquisite finished products that grace your home. Tackling common furniture woes, the video not only communicates Pepperfry’s commitment to top-notch products but does so with a creative flair that’s hard to ignore.

What sets this motion graphic apart is its unique Rom-Com web series trailer vibe, making it more than just an ad – it’s an experience. With vibrant graphics, dynamic animations, and a toe-tapping soundtrack, Pepperfry ensures you not only remember the brand but also consider it when it’s time to upgrade your home. This video isn’t just about furniture; it’s about creating a memorable connection between Pepperfry and its audience.

2. Eurika

Eurika, the online marketing champ for small businesses, is all about helping companies shine online. Picture this: a super cool animated video that spills the beans on how Eurika works its magic. It’s not just any video; it’s a storyteller. This animated wonder dives into how Eurika boosts your business’s online game, making it a standout in the digital world.

The video is like a friend telling you, “Hey, Eurika’s got your back!” It paints a vivid picture of how Eurika’s marketing tricks can make your business the talk of the town. The best part? The video isn’t just eye candy; it’s brainy too. With catchy music and a lively script, it’s a party for your senses. This video isn’t just about Eurika; it’s about making your business a star online. Get ready for a visual journey that’s not just cool but super useful too! 

3. Google Cloud IoT

Imagine a video that makes complex stuff look like a breeze – that’s Google’s magic with motion graphics. Their video on data collection and storage might sound fancy, but it’s the superhero of simplicity. No rocket science, just regular graphics dancing around, making a blurry concept crystal clear. This video isn’t just a random one; it’s Google’s star player. Why? Well, it’s not just easy to get; it’s downright fascinating.

Breaking down the Google Cloud IoT solutions, this video speaks a language everyone understands. Using friendly 2D animations, it turns tech talk into a real-life problem solver. The colors, the moves, the transitions – it’s like a mini-movie that keeps you hooked. Plus, there’s a direct invite to join the Google Cloud party at the end, turning viewers into potential pals for Google. It’s not just a video; it’s a brand’s signature in motion. Trust us; it’s the ace of the video marketing game.

4. Deufol

Deufol pulled off something amazing with their motion graphics masterpiece, simplifying the complex world of industrial revolutions. This video isn’t just eye candy – it’s a storytelling gem. What makes it stand out? Well, it’s not just the stunning graphics; it’s the words that steal the show. With a friendly voice guiding you, it breaks down Industry 4.0 into bite-size bits, and that’s genius.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Deufol weaves a tale with visuals – a mix of animations and cool transitions that keep you hooked. It’s not just pretty; it’s practical. The video shouts about how Deufol’s solutions can transform manufacturing, speaking your language.

And let’s talk senses – the custom music and sound effects? They’re like the cherry on top, making the whole thing unforgettable. When it ends with “Deufol,” you’re not just impressed; you get what they’re about. The use of red and black? Smart move – it keeps your eyes on the brand. This video isn’t just motion graphics; it’s a masterclass in making complexity simple and unforgettable. 

5. Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean’s animated motion graphics video is a minute of pure brilliance. Using isometric illustrations and lively narration, it turns complex ideas into a visual dance in under a minute. 

The video keeps a consistent style, using vibrant colors and simple shapes to guide us through intricate concepts. What’s impressive? The dynamic camera movement adds zest, zooming in on key details. The layered animations give depth, making it visually rich.

Despite the complexity, the video speaks in simple language, making Digital Ocean’s services crystal clear. The transitions? A feast for the eyes, with shapes morphing and scenes shifting seamlessly. 

Why’s it special? It tells a big story in a short time, smooth as butter. This video isn’t just good; it’s a joyride for your eyes and brain.

6. Seton

Seton’s video is like a one-minute magic spell that shouts, “We care about you!” Imagine this: healthcare, but with a big, warm heart. The video makes you feel something, showing Seton isn’t just a healthcare brand; it’s a people-first hero.

First off, it hits you in the feels. The video talks about how Seton’s solutions make healthcare better for folks. It’s not about machines; it’s about making people healthier and happier.

Then, there’s the color party. Bright, bold colors dance through the video, making it a visual treat. It’s like Seton saying, “Look at us, we’re here to stay in your memory.”

And here’s the cool part – animations! They take serious medical stuff and turn it into a show. It’s like Seton saying, “Hey, we get it, and we’ll make it easy for you.”

What’s the secret? Using fun animations for a serious topic. Seton isn’t just a healthcare brand; it’s a friend who cares. That’s what makes this video a real head-turner. 

7. Reddit

Check out this amazing video from Reddit – it looks like a burst of happiness! The cool thing is, it’s not just fun; it’s a genius way to tell a story. With lively animations and a sprinkle of humor, it’s the kind of video that makes you smile. What’s it about? Well, it shouts about Reddit without actually shouting. Clever, right?

Now, if you’ve got a mobile app or a website to brag about, take notes. This video is your secret weapon. Why? Because it’s a color explosion – the kind that grabs your eyes and says, “Look at me!”

But it’s not just pretty colors; it’s the smooth dance between scenes that keeps you hooked. The words? They’re not boring; they’re lively and playful, adding a happy vibe. Oh, and the little details – animated backgrounds and fancy drawings – make it a joy to watch.

Why is it the coolest? It’s a promo video without screaming “Buy me!” That’s the magic. It stands out, making it not just good but unforgettable. So, learn from this gem – be bold, be fun, and let your brand shine without saying a word. 

8. Cree Lighting 

Imagine a video that’s not just about light bulbs but tells a story, making you see light in a whole new way. That’s what “The Better Light, a Better Life” does brilliantly. It’s not just a video; it’s like a friend explaining why light matters. With a mix of drawings and digital magic, it’s playful and grabs your attention. The transitions between scenes? They’re like little surprises keeping you hooked.

But here’s the real gem – it speaks your language. No complicated stuff, just simple talk about energy-efficient light making life better. The colors and sounds? They’re like the background music to a good story, making it stick in your head. And the best part? It turns a light bulb into a buddy, making your daily life easier. This video isn’t just about light; it’s about making your world brighter and better. Cool, huh? 

9. Slack

If you’re on the lookout for some creative sparks for your animated videos, take a peek at this fantastic motion graphics gem from Slack. It’s a perfect example of turning a simple idea into a big impact. The video is like a colorful dance of basic shapes, all inspired by Slack’s logo colors. What’s cool is how it makes a concept crystal clear – the different fonts, bold letters, and pops of color grab your attention.

Sticking to a consistent style, using only a handful of colors, and adding cute animated touches like bouncing balls and icons, the video screams “Slack” at every frame. It’s not just eye candy; it’s smart storytelling. The video talks about Slack’s features in a simple way, using metaphors that make you go, “Oh, I get it!” And here’s the cherry on top – the sound effects and music groove perfectly with the visuals, making it a complete joy to watch. So, if you want your motion graphics video to hit all the right notes, let Slack show you how it’s done! 

10. Quadro

This vibrant and dynamic animated video showcases Quadro’s ability to streamline tasks and make work more manageable. The simplistic illustrations and smooth animation guide viewers through Quadro’s journey from concept to creation. 

The bold, logo-colored backgrounds pop against the detailed textures and subtle shading of the graphics, adding depth and realism. The steady pace keeps viewers engaged as each scene transitions seamlessly into the next, gradually revealing Quadro’s capabilities. The transformation from old systems to Quadro lets viewers envision the solution Quadro provides. 

The versatility of Quadro is highlighted through the motion graphics, attracting viewers to the many ways Quadro can improve their workflows. Throughout the succinct yet impactful scenes, the young, fresh style resonates with modern audiences. 

The illustrations, animations, and pacing work in harmony to showcase Quadro as an innovative, effective tool for taking on today’s design challenges.

Why You Should Pick “10 Studio” For Your Animation Marketing?

Adding motion graphic animation to your brand marketing is like giving it a turbo boost. Why? Because it makes your brand come alive! Imagine grabbing your audience’s attention with visuals that dance, tell stories, and stick in their minds. 

Motion graphics do just that – they make your message memorable. In a world where everyone’s scrolling through tons of content, a little animation goes a long way. It’s not just about showing what you’ve got; it’s about making people feel it. That’s the secret sauce, and it’s what sets your brand apart.

Transform Your Message With Animation

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