How Motion Graphics Can Solve 5 Key Business Problems

How Motion Graphics Can Solve 5 Key Business Problems

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From global brands to startups, companies are increasingly embracing motion graphics across mediums like social media, websites, and advertisements. 

More than just eye-catching visual effects, motion graphics introduce dynamism and appeal to effectively communicate ideas to audiences.

This article will showcase five ways motion graphics can solve critical business problems – from explaining complex products to capturing audience attention. For each situation, real-world examples will demonstrate the benefits in action. 

Read on to determine if motion graphics align with your own company’s needs.

What Are Motion Graphics?

Before diving into applications, let’s briefly review what constitutes motion graphics. Motion graphics utilize animation, video, typography, illustrations, and other dynamic visual styles. Rather than static graphics, elements transform fluidly over time adding visual interest and depth.

Motion graphics appear in diverse digital and physical mediums:

  • Animated social media posts
  • Product explanation videos
  • Interactive website and app content
  • Kinetic typography advertisements
  • Augmented and virtual reality experiences

So in short – if it moves and conveys information visually, it qualifies as motion graphics.

5 Business Challenges Motion Graphics Can Tackle

Let’s now explore five business challenges motion graphics can tackle effectively:

1. Explaining Complex Products or Data

Companies offering highly technical products or services often struggle to describe offerings clearly to customers. Details like engineering specifications, financial algorithms, or scientific principles challenge general understanding.

This is where motion graphics shine through simplifying complex details via:

  • Animated diagrams visually demonstrate relationships, structure, flow, or other abstractions.
  • Data visualizations transform statistics and insights into dynamic charts, graphs, or infographics.

For example, Dropbox’s Explainer Video. Dropbox effectively communicated its service through a concise, engaging motion graphics video. 

The video explained the concept of cloud storage using simple, animated visuals, effectively conveying its benefits and functionality to a wide audience. This contributed significantly to building brand awareness and communicating their value proposition.

2. Engaging New Hires Through Onboarding

Many employees tune out generic onboarding materials like instruction manuals or monotonous slide decks.

Motion graphics facilitate engaging onboarding experiences. They introduce new hires to company culture, values, and procedures through captivating animations, aiding in faster assimilation into the organizational ecosystem.

Motion allows communicators to show, not just tell what makes their company special.

3. Interactive Storytelling for Branding

In addition to onboarding, media studio ManvsMachine utilized motion graphics to completely reinvent sportswear giant Puma’s website into an interactively animated brand story.

Site visitors trigger animations taking them from soccer fields to winding race tracks upon scrolling.

The athletic scenes visualize the passion for competition Puma wants to be associated with its apparel. Typography and gestures also react to cursor movements adding interactivity.

Such energetic branding builds lasting impact through replayable discoveries rather than passive imagery alone.

Motion graphics empower companies in all industries to better convey brand identity at every touchpoint.

4. Boosting Social Media Presence

Social platforms strongly favor motion over static posts thanks to the inherent visual allure. Motion graphics craft eye-catching and shareable content for social media.

From animated infographics to short, impactful videos, they grab attention and increase engagement on various platforms bringing data to life

Visually separating posts from competitors makes social content more noticeable on crowded feeds, especially given the motion’s appeal. When strategically aligned with branding, companies both entertain and inform.

5. Attention-Grabbing Advertisements

Finally, motion graphics lend well to animation ads so good by immediately capturing the viewer’s focus compared to dull static ads which are easily ignored.

For example, Apple’s Product Launch Video. Apple consistently utilizes motion graphics in its product launch events. Their videos showcase product features and functionalities through visually stunning animations and demonstrations.

These motion graphics presentations highlight the sleek design and innovative aspects of their products, driving excitement and interest among consumers.

Start Leveraging Motion Graphics

The above examples demonstrate only a sample of applications for motion graphics’ business superpowers. When strategically produced, animated visual content offers an invaluable way for brands to simplify, educate, excite, and convert across mediums.

For leaders assessing if their companies can similarly benefit, an ideal starting point is identifying the core challenges faced:

  • Where does our messaging confuse customers?
  • Do our teams struggle to convey certain details?
  • What branding elements feel stale or passive?
  • How can we better showcase identities on social media?
  • What advertising approaches fail to convert audiences?

If any resonate, explore integrating explanatory diagrams, data visualizations, interactive content, or illustrated social posts. Motion provides flexibility while tailoring graphical content to your niche.

On the production side, user-friendly tools like Adobe AfterEffects, Blender, and Blender enable newcomers to create polished animations and motion designs without intensive coding or computer graphics expertise. Consider investing in templates, freelancers, or certified production partners to kickstart efforts.

Most importantly – strategically distribute motion graphics everywhere promising – website banners, social feeds, YouTube ads, product demos, and beyond. Dynamic visual content best serves audiences when visible at every touchpoint.

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Compelling motion graphics are no longer a novelty but an expectation modern customers and personnel have come to expect from brands. Meet them where attention spans and sensory appeal intersect.

Businesses are encouraged to explore the potential of motion graphics for their specific needs. Partnering with experienced professionals or investing in training for in-house teams can pave the way for leveraging this powerful medium effectively.

Motion graphics stand as a gateway to effective communication, elevating brand presence, and solving intricate business challenges. Embracing this dynamic art form unlocks endless possibilities for businesses in the digital era.

Let motion communicate your own data, ideas, and vision in emotionally resonant ways static graphics alone never could.

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