The Power of Animated Explainer Videos in Business

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos in Business

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Animated explainer videos are a powerful medium for businesses attempting to showcase their brands to potential customers in a precise and attention-grabbing manner. These videos consist of drawings, illustrations, characters, and computer-generated visual effects. Since animated explainer videos can be 90 seconds long at max, it benefits businesses to show the essence of their brand within a short time. Explaining a new product, or service, highlighting a brand’s values and mission, and increasing conversions are some of the primary purposes of animated explainer videos. 

The Power of Animated Explainer Videos in Business 

Animated explainer videos are effective and crucial to the success of your business. We are listing seven important reasons below explaining the potential of animated explainer videos for transforming your business. 

Shows A Brand’s Unique Identity 

Every company has its own uniqueness and always aims to showcase that in their products and promotional campaigns. Unlike other mediums, animated explainer videos tend to be the most specific choice to fulfill that need

Animated explainer videos have the ability to make the identity of a brand prominent to the audience. The freedom of customizing graphic design and layouts according to the requirement of the business helps it build a strong brand image. For example, these days, a lot of businesses, like Slack and Spotify incorporate visual components of their brand identities into animated explainer videos. It aids them in highlighting their brand voices and raising brand recognition. An animated explainer video allows you to use your brand’s distinctive colors, logos, mascots, marketing messages, and jingles, in the content effortlessly. This will make your brand more distinctive from the contemporaries and your potential customers will have a clear perception of your brand.

Explain Products Briefly 

As a brand, you’ll always want your product and services to be well-explained to your clients or customers. Your audiences need to have a clear notion about the features and benefits of your product and animated explainer videos can be the best option to demonstrate that. The brief, concise, and well-articulated style of animated explainer videos helps the audience know a certain product’s core values and offerings. For example, this animated explainer video by IKEA Australia can be a quick introduction for people to understand how IKEA delivers their products and what their services are. This video is only 50 seconds and describes IKEA Australia entirely.

Engaging and Shareable

People like interesting and visually appealing content and animated explainer videos have the potential to educate and entertain audiences both at the same time. The effectiveness of explainer animated video resides in their capacity to drive visitors to your website. This is particularly valid if you add the video to your home page or landing page. The landing page of your website might see an 80% increase in conversions by including videos. This increases engagement. 

Appealing animated explainer videos not only increase engagement but also have the potential to be shared by others on social media. This is because these videos are short and can easily be distributed among multiple social media sites. Moreover, animated content tends to be more relatable and they reflect on our insights and interests which make them more shareable among family and friends. 

Increases Conversion Rate 

One of the key aspects of any business is to increase conversion rate and animated explainer videos are a powerful tool for converting clients. People tend to be drawn more toward animation and short videos due to their short attention span. So, animated explainer videos are an easy route to draw the audience’s attention and increase the conversion rate. As they leverage visual and verbal cues that clearly convey the brand’s message. This is how these videos generate more conversions and boost business revenue by leaving a lasting impression on the audience. Larger audiences bring more traffic to a business website when these videos are shared on social media, embedded on a business website, or sent via email. 

Improve SEO

Explainer videos increase your chances of hitting the search engine rating target on any of Google’s search pages by 58%. Another use case of animated explainer videos is how they can attract web crawlers. These crawlers are also known as web bots that favor content that includes videos. Hence, this can boost your overall site ranking. 

Animated explainer videos take the cake with great visuals, clear message, and ideal runtime. When you integrate these videos into your websites, more people will click on them and stay longer on your site, increasing the click-through rate and session duration. This improves search engine optimization for a business and its product. Continuously appearing on top of the search list also creates great brand value.

Cost Effective 

Physical and traditional video shoots take a lot of manpower, maintenance, and effort, whereas a single animation studio or even an in-house animator can create a world-class animated video within a plausible budget. Thus, it saves a big chunk of the cost for companies that just started their venture. 

Compared to formats of video, even the top animator companies do not charge a lot for producing an animated explainer video. Animation companies like YANS worked for big entities like VISA and Intel, but they also worked for various startups as well. 

Animated Explainer Videos Are Highly Adaptable 

Animated explainer videos are customizable and have a great scope for creativity, making them highly adaptive. This adaptability makes it easy for companies to reach their audience and attain specific goals. Due to their versatility, animated videos can be molded and crafted according to the taste of the target audience. Whether your business is aiming for a narrower geographic area or a larger global audience to promote a product, animated explainer videos can be the best choice for both cases. 

Businesses Benefited from Animated Explainer Videos

  • Startups: Startups tend to bring new ideas to the table hence it is often difficult to convey to their future customers what their brand and product is about. Startups need to come up with something that will help their potential customers understand the products or services they will provide. In that case, animated explainer videos serve as the perfect medium to properly deliver what they’re trying to market that too in a cost-effective manner. For example, GrabCAD, Inc. is a Cambridge, Massachusetts-based startup that created a free cloud-based collaboration environment that helps engineering teams manage, view, and share CAD files. Here is one of their animated video examples that illustrates the processes, benefits, and opportunities associated with their new software solution. 
  • E-Commerce Business: E-commerce businesses rely on the presentation of their website and product usage instructions. Animated explainer videos can clearly show their range of collections or how their products can be different from the ones of their competitor. This can bring more customers to their door. For example, Amazon is an e-commerce company that constantly remind viewer about their services with creative video content. Here’s an excellent example of an animated explainer video from Amazon-
  • SaaS and Software Companies: Service-Based Business Software companies frequently produce complicated products that may be challenging for potential clients to grasp. Animated explainer videos can help simplify these complicated concepts and describe how the program functions, making it simpler for potential clients to comprehend the advantages and decide whether to make a purchase. SaaS companies can use animated explainer videos to highlight the features and advantages of their products. Microsoft is the most influential SaaS company of the last few decades. This animated explainer video for Microsoft cloud discussed what an agile and responsive infrastructure is- 
  • Service-Based Companies: Service-based companies require a medium like an animation explainer video because often the process of providing a service can be tricky to understand. Considering it is B2B, animation and visual aid can explain how a client is going to get the service. It builds transparency between a service-based company and its potential clients. Here is the animated video of HCL, which is a service-based company- 

Can Animated Explainer Videos Be A Lucrative Business Strategy?

Businesses require ideas that can work for the entire welfare of their progress. With time, businesses came up with numerous ideas to promote their product. In the present time, a compact strategy like an animation explainer video works as an easy and effective medium for companies to showcase their products and services to the world. So, will you implement animated explainer videos in your next brand promotion? The choice is yours.